Good Boy

I like dressing up for him. He enjoys it when I surprise him with my different outfits and really get into the roleplay. More often than not, though, it ends up with me being the submissive one and me being his plaything. Not this time. I was dressed to seduce and control, and I planned to do exactly that.

He walked in the door after work, tired and hungry. Ever the perfect lover, I suggested he go and lie down for a bit whilst I finished dinner. He gave me a peck on the cheek and gratefully scooted off. I knew he’d be asleep within minutes as he sunk into the comfort of our bed. That’s why I hadn’t actually started any dinner, either. I’d simply dressed in my dominatrix-style clothes, then covered them up with a comfortable baggy jumper and tracksuit bottoms. Despite my outward appearance, I still felt sexy as hell knowing what was underneath those misleading garments. And I knew that as soon as my lover laid eyes on me, he’d agree.

Ten minutes later I slunk upstairs, easy with my bare feet. I popped my head around the bedroom door and smiled as I saw him sprawled across the bed, his tie removed and shirt untucked and unbuttoned. His heavy breathing told me he’d nodded off. Bless his predictability.

I stole into the room and quietly slid open the drawer I’d filled with what I needed tonight. Wrist restraints, ankle restraints, blindfold, chocolate body paint and a whip. Perfect. He was certainly going to have an evening with a difference!

Grinning to myself I moved to his side of the bed, gently took his wrist, slipped the strap around and secured it, and then attached it to the bedpost. I did the same with his other wrist and his ankles. He stirred only slightly. I quickly slipped the blindfold over his eyes, a more difficult task to complete without waking him up… and unfortunately I didn’t succeed. He awoke, confused expletives pouring from between his lips as he struggled against his bonds.

“Silence.” I barked. He obeyed immediately, obviously sensing we were playing a game. One we could both enjoy.

Now he was awake, I stripped him as best I could. I pushed his shirt away from his torso, up under his shoulders so it was crumpled under his neck. His trousers and boxer shorts I yanked down his legs as far as they would go given they were spread and lashed to the bedposts.

His cock was already starting to swell. I grabbed the chocolate body paint and flipped open the lid, then got on the bed next to my lover, so he could feel my breasts pushing against him. I held the bottle over his body and squeezed, allowing the thick cold substance to gloop across his perfectly formed six pack. He gasped at the contact and sucked in his stomach. I smiled and bit my lip to hold in a laugh. I swirled elaborate patterns across his body. It didn’t matter what it looked like… I was going to have fun licking it off.

And boy, did I. When I’d put enough on, I crawled down the bed and straddled him, purposely pushing my crotch against his rock hard erection. Then I moved down so my tits dangled over his cock, and briefly enveloped it in my cleavage, and after a couple of swift rubs, I was gone again. He whimpered softly. I knew when I lowered my head, he’d think I was going to suck his cock, so I had to suppress a giggle when he pushed his hips up off the bed. I deliberately ignored his dick and attacked his torso with relish, licking the sweet substance off his beautiful body. This was heaven to me… my gorgeous man, and my favourite taste all in one. I licked, sucked and nibbled the paint from his body, all my while my breasts pushing against his crotch. I felt his pre-cum smear across my skin, and my pussy began to dribble in response.

ControlSoon it became too much for him, and he began insistently pushing his cock towards me. I grabbed the whip and beat his now damp stomach, which would have amplified the pain. I felt his cock thicken further beneath me. Soon I would sink it into my wet folds and ride it hard. But not until I’d punished him.

I rolled off his body and administered several cracks of the whip to his thighs, and a few lighter taps to his cock, which looked fit to burst. I continued to lay stripes across his legs, then his stomach again. His cock was bobbing wildly and seeping yet more pre-cum. I couldn’t wait any longer. I smacked him a few more times, then quickly straddled him, pointed his cock in the right direction and instantly sunk him home. My wet pussy accommodated him easily. We both gasped with the sensation.

I sat there for a few seconds, clenching my muscles around him, and enjoying the feeling of fullness. Then I began to ride him slowly, savouring every inch of him. Soon, though, I was desperate for release so I began to buck wildly on his prick, all the while he’s moaning madly because he can’t see or touch me, and I’m completely in control. I could even stop before he comes if I wanted to, and he knows that. But I won’t. I’m not that mean.

I drive him deep inside me repeatedly, then pull him almost all the way out, then lower myself, again and again. My juices are slick right up the length of his cock, and our fucking is making a slurping noise. Soon I feel my climax approaching and speed up even more. Slap, slap, slap goes our skin.

“Come for me bitch.” I hiss to him.

He needs no further prompting. His cock stiffens, twitches, then I feel the repetitive pulsing as he empties his hot spunk inside me. It’s enough to get me off, I feel that familiar rush, and my pussy begins to spasm around his cock, draining him dry. I’ve been so turned on by the situation that my orgasm is really intense – and as soon as it begins to fade, I slump across his torso – exhausted.

“Did you have fun there, darling?” He whispers, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Oh yes,” I reply, “You were a very good boy. I like having you as my fuck toy. I might have to do that more often.”

As I reach up to untie him, I notice his flaccid cock begin to regain life once more… what a good boy…


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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