I Awoke…

…and was terribly disappointed to find you were no longer by my side. Last night was wonderful. We had a romantic evening in, a lovely meal by candlelight, and after a couple of glasses of wine, took the remainder of the bottle to bed.

We ate chocolates and drank wine in bed. I accidentally dropped a fragment of chocolate and on trying to remove it, smudged it over my skin. Instantly your lips were there, sucking and licking the chocolate from my chest. I was quite sure it must have gone, but you carried on. Your lips travelled lower and soon enough found my now-erect nipple. You took it into your mouth and sucked very gently – I could barely feel it. I thrust my breasts into your face, and you grasped the free one with your hand, whilst continuing to pleasure my nipple. You squeezed, sucked and played with my breasts until I was begging you to make love to me.

You hadn’t forgotten the chocolates though. You took another one out of the box, and breathed on it, warming it. Then you slid it up and down my inner thighs, where it soon began to smear across my skin. You continued until there was barely any chocolate left in your hand. The remaining chocolate you fed to me, slipping it between my parted lips. Then you teasingly licked and sucked the chocolate you’d painted over my skin. It seemed to take forever. The sensation was incredibly horny and I didn’t want it to stop, but at the same time, the teasing was making my pussy incredibly wet and gagging for your cock. I wriggled my hips to indicate that my wet hole needed some attention.

Thankfully you took the hint and drove your tongue straight into my wetness and began eating my pussy like it was a fine delicacy. You nibbled my labia, tongued my clit, did all the things you know I love.

I lost count of the amount of times you brought me to the brink of orgasm but refused to let me come. My eyes were closed and I could barely move – I was in a world of my own, my pleasure making me almost delirious. Suddenly, you thrust your hard cock into me, hard and fast. You gasped at the sensation.

I came immediately, long and hard, gripping the sheets in ecstasy. My slippery walls throbbed and pulsed around your hard on and you began to fuck me, hard. Slow but hard. Teasing me until I really thought you couldn’t tease me any more. My pussy was aching from the tension… I begged you to screw me hard and squirt your cum deep inside me. You gave in…

We fucked all night, drifting into sleep until one of us awoke and turned to the other for another session. We kissed, caressed, licked, sucked. Fucked.

Hunk in blue jeansThis morning I awoke, and was terribly disappointed to find you were no longer by my side. Unbelievably, I was still horny. I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, thinking a brisk shower and some self-pleasure might alleviate my horniness.

No need. You were still here, getting ready in the bathroom so as not to wake me.

You looked up when you heard me enter the bathroom.

“Fancy a shower?” I asked.

Your jeans dropped to the floor.


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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