I Know…

… he’s watching me. He doesn’t know I know, but I do. It doesn’t stop me. I enjoy it. Lying on my back in the (almost) deserted field, I soak up the sun in my bikini, and as the sun has its usual stimulating effect on me I slide my hand down my bikini bottoms and seek out the flesh that is desperately making its presence known.

My gradually swelling clit grows further as my fingers stroke it. I moan involuntarily, then again and I remember again that I’m being watched. I do love to tease. You can look, but don’t touch, is my motto.

I fiddle with my clit, first rubbing my fingers up and down, then from side to side. My preferred caress seems to change every time. I dip my fingers down into my soaking pussy, and spread the juices all over my vulva, my pussy lips, the smooth shaven skin sensitive and silky to the touch. I use the other hand to help me wriggle out of the bikini bottoms, and they lie on the grass, forgotten, as I roll over slightly and remove my bra top. I’m now completely naked on the grass… and feeling even more turned on than ever, knowing that he’s watching me. I’m turned on and touching my body in front of him, which in turn is arousing him. The thought of him being aroused over me, arouses me further. My pussy is drowning in its own juices. I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste myself. Sublime.

AfterglowI begin to finger fuck myself, angling my fingers so they touch my G-spot. I start slow, the soft wet sucking sounds mingle with the sound of the birds in the sky, and the slight breeze in the trees. Soon enough, my moans are joining in with the song. I increase my speed and depth, and I feel I’m about to come. Using my other hand, I start to roughly rub my clitoris. The tingling intensity increases as my orgasm approaches.

My hands are a blur as I thrust my fingers deep inside myself, and torment my sensitive little nub. Suddenly I feel as though I’m about to explode, I remove my fingers from my wet hole but continue frigging my clit. The juices squirt out in a powerful stream, accompanied by my frantic moaning. The grass is soaked with my love juices, which continue to flow as I rub my clit even harder. With a scream, I let out a final stream of ejaculate, and relax, spent on the grass.

After some moments I open one eye to see if he’s still there. Doesn’t look like it. He’s had his show for today. Maybe he’ll be back tomorrow. And the next day. Maybe one day he’ll help me. I hope so.


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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