Lunchtime Fun

My finger hovered over the mouse button. Should I really be doing this? I mean, wasn’t internet dating for saddos and perverts that couldn’t get laid? I had no problem getting laid, but for some reason, guys always wanted to stick around after sex. Whereas I was just after a mind-blowing fuck, and then get on with my life. I didn’t have time to mess around with dating and relationships, that kind of crap. So I clicked the button, and that was it. The ad was live.

Smart guy wanted for lunchtime meets, maybe a kiss and a cuddle ;-). Must be based in the city centre and available between 12.30 and 1.30. I am 26, brunette looking for a guy to brighten up my boring work days, could that man be you? Only guys who wear a smart suit to work with a good level of intelligence need apply.

And I waited. I was a little worried that I’d get some real weirdos responding, but I planned to play it safe. You know, meet in a public place and all that. At least I could scarper if I didn’t fancy it. Soon enough, I had my first response.

Hi I’m John, I’m 29 and I work in a bank in the city centre. I wear a suit to work and I am reasonably well educated having graduated from University and also done my Masters.

Bloody hell! I know I’d wanted someone with a double figure IQ, unlike most of my conquests, but a super-clever numbers whizz? God, would he be a bore? You know, being a banker? But then I had asked for a suit… what other kind of jobs required suits for work? I suppose beggers couldn’t be choosers. I pondered what to say for a couple of days, then reminded myself that I didn’t have to go through with it if he was a minger, or a psycho. I was currently sitting safely at a keyboard, and had nothing to lose.

I sent:

Hi John I’m Natalie, sorry I’ve not been in touch you sound great, can you send me a picture please? Luv Nat xx

I thought that might frighten an ugly bloke away, therefore waited eagerly for a reply. Soon enough, though, John replied. And there was an attachment…

It was blatantly a photograph from his work ID pass. I giggled. Not because he was ugly, far from it. Just because it appeared he was too shy to send a proper photograph. Oh well, at least he wasn’t a poser that loved himself. He looked OK, from the microscopic photo – a little bookish perhaps… but then you know what they say, it’s always the quiet ones…

He’d also requested a photograph of me. I left it a while, then had a better idea. Rather than sending e-mails to and fro, I could just add him on MSN. His address was on his cityclassifieds profile. I signed in and began to type…

BL8439 – Hi John

WOWJohn – Hi, who is this?

BL8439 – Wouldn’t you like to know? LOL!

WOWJohn – Age?

BL8439 – 26

WOWJohn – Ok so where did you get my addy?

BL8439 – You gave it me!

WOWJohn – Did I? Oh ok, so what can I do for you?

I decided to tease him a little before letting on…

BL8439 – mmmmm lots of things I hope!

WOWJohn – Sorry who are you?

BL8439 – its Natalie, you replied to my advert??????

WOWJohn – Oh right sorry, wasn’t expecting you on here.

BL8439 – LOL sorry I thought it would be ok! I just got your picture you look scrummy!

WOWJohn – Thanks, I’d almost forgotten about that.

He seemed a little ‘off’ and I thought perhaps he’d gone cold on the idea, so I just got right to the point.

BL8439 – Well what do you think then? fancy meeting on Monday? Find somewhere nice and quiet for that kiss and a cuddle? 😉

WOWJohn – Yeah that sounds great, how about Starbucks just off the square?

BL8439 – Nah it’s too busy there. I’ll email you Monday morning.

Scummy more like. You get all sorts in Starbucks. I know I wanted a public place, but not one full of students and screaming kids.

BL8439 appears to be offline.

It wasn’t until later on, in the bath, that I realised I hadn’t sent him a photo. Oh well, even better. It meant I could scope him out and check he didn’t look like a serial killer.

I waited as long as I could on Monday to e-mail him, not wanting to seem too desperate. Finally, a little after 11, I started composing my e-mail.

Hi John, meet me at Allessandros, by the canal at 12.30. Nat xxx

I then watched the minutes tick by until I could escape. I’d taken extra care getting ready this morning, and had already groomed ‘downstairs’ the night before, in the bath. So I knew I was looking my best in my favourite red skirt and white blouse combination. I just had to hope that I got there and that there was a spark.

I got there and recognised him immediately. It could be the fact that the poor sod was the only one sitting at a table outside. Ah well, he looked pleased enough to see me. And he was damn cute. I bent and kissed his cheek.

“Hello John, don’t you look lovely?”

“Um hi, Natalie?”

He looked a little uncomfortable and waved madly for one of the staff to get me a coffee. We sipped our drinks and chatted, just about general things; work, our backgrounds, that kind of thing. As I reached the dregs of my coffee, I made a decision.

“Come on, come with me,” I said, standing up.

“Where are we going? I have to be back at work by half past.”

“Don’t worry,” I grinned at him, “I’m sure this won’t take long.”

I wandered off, hoping he’d follow. I headed along the canal, and a few minutes later we arrived.

“Like it?”

He looked a little stunned that we were standing outside a brand new office block which had no occupants, and stammered,

“It’s wonderful. What are we doing here?”

My reply was to pull out my key and let us in. No time for messing about on these short lunch breaks…

“Thought we’d come here for our kiss and a cuddle.”

Getting luckyBefore he could reply, I pushed him against the wall, and snogged him. I’m not normally so aggressive, but you know, needs must. No time for niceties. I just wanted a shag and to be on my merry way.

I started to undo his shirt, caressing his body. For a geeky looking chap, he had a damn hot body, firm and muscular. Yummy. I felt my pussy responding and yanked my skirt up, wanting to hurry things along a bit. I pushed him to his knees and guided him to my wet pussy. I think it took a moment for him to register that I was wearing no underwear, but as I said, no time for messing about!

He seemed hesitant at first. I couldn’t blame the bloke, to be fair. How many men get to meet a girl and ten minutes later head off for a no-strings shag? He soon got into it though, and started to lick me out with gusto. There’s nothing like an enthusiastic guy giving you head… it just heightens the pleasure when you know he’s doing it because he loves it too. Not that I’d given poor John a choice.

I tangled my hands in his hair as he quickened the pace and began teasing me towards my climax. I barely noticed his glasses pressing into my skin, but they were obviously bothering him as he stopped pleasuring me briefly to lob them across the floor.

But then it was straight back to action. He obviously understood the urgency as he sucked my clitoris hard which drives me wild. I’d been so horny already that it didn’t take long for me to come, moaning.

What seemed like hours later, but I’m sure was only seconds, I recovered enough to bark,

“Lie down now.”

Obedient as he was, he practically collapsed to the floor. He’d made no move to undress himself, but it didn’t matter. I was naked enough, or at least the bits that mattered. So I unzipped his flies and released the goods. He had a very respectable cock, which was dribbling pre-cum. I couldn’t wait to feel his hardness rammed inside me, and very irresponsibly said…

“Don’t you fucking dare cum inside me.”

He nodded, but didn’t move another muscle. No matter. I held the base of his shaft, and slid myself down it, slowly, savouring the size of him and the very naughtiness of what we were doing.

I began to ride him hard and as I upped the pace, he seemed to get more frantic and began thrusting back into me, going deeper and deeper inside me. We fucked madly for a few minutes until I felt another orgasm creeping up on me. I gave my clitoris a helping hand, and came loudly all over his cock, almost giggling as I noticed John’s face. No doubt the contractions my pussy was creating around his cock were driving him wild, and he was desperately trying to hold onto his own orgasm.

Just as he started to speak,

“I think I’m gonna…”

I hopped off, slid down his body and teased his cock. I didn’t directly suck it, I just licked and played and then snaked a hand between his legs to play with his balls. He was obviously enjoying it as cute little noises came out of his mouth and his breathing started to go mad. Then he let out a groan, his cock throbbed in my hand and shot out hot spunk everywhere. I’d neatly positioned myself so none of it went on me. No such luck for John. It went all over his shirt and down his thighs. Oh well. I did give him some words of advice before we left.

“I think you better go and buy a new shirt before you go back to work honey.”

And I sauntered off back to work, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Well, I’d certainly got what I wanted from the sexy geek in the suit. Maybe I’d do it again. But not necessarily with him… who knew? Time would tell.


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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  1. Tony

    February 21, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    This is very much a young mans dream, it has sexy humour and the illustration is very horny.
    I had to smile at the mistake ' to be fair ' was mean't but 'to be hair ' hey you must have been thinking about pubic hair at that moment. I'm sure glad he lobbed those glasses thanks for the memory.

  2. cw1985

    February 22, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Oops – can't believe I didn't notice that typo. I've corrected it now – thanks! 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the story too!

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