Saving It For A Rainy Day…

Clara woke up to the sound of rain lashing against the bedroom window in their holiday apartment. Groaning, she glanced across at her boyfriend, Ben. Despite the sudden change in weather it wasn’t cold, and the bedsheets were draped across his hips, leaving his tanned upper body on display. Clara let her eyes roam across Ben’s muscular body, smiling as she thought of the numerous times she’d had her hands all over it, and he hers.

They enjoyed an active and varied sex life, though on this holiday, the thin walls had prevented them from being too adventurous. But now an idea had popped into Clara’s head.

She slipped out of bed and across to the window. Peeking through the curtains she could see their small ground floor terrace was wet, little puddles collecting where the ground wasn’t quite even. Beyond the terrace, she could see the swimming pool. The lights dotted around meant it wasn’t pitch black and Clara could see there was nobody out there. She grinned, and stole back to the bed.

Soon Clara had awoken Ben and brought him up to speed on her plan. They dressed, left their apartment and headed for the pool. It was still raining heavily and by the time they got there, they were already soaked.

“What if we get caught?” Ben hissed.

“We won’t. It’s the middle of the night. And it’s raining. Who in their right mind would come out in this?”

Ben was about to point out that they were out in this, when Clara silenced him with a kiss. He could feel her taut body through her saturated clothes, and when she pulled away he saw her nipples were erect; hard, like little stones.

Clocking his gaze, Clara stripped off slowly, teasing him. Ben had already been nursing a semi, but the sight of his wet naked girlfriend had the blood rushing to his cock immediately. Clara’s long dark hair was plastered to her, and rivulets of water ran down her body, making Ben want to follow them with his tongue.

He made to step towards her, but Clara giggled and slipped away from him and headed for the steps leading into the pool.

As her lithe figure disappeared beneath the water, Ben undressed. He wondered if the water would be cold, but figured that by the time he got his hands on Clara, he wouldn’t care.

Ben quickly followed Clara. The pool was a little cold, but after a few seconds his body became accustomed to the temperature, and he swam towards his girlfriend, who was waiting at the other end of the pool, her elbows propped on the side.

The mixture of being naked in a public place, the rain splashing off the surface of the pool, and Clara’s soaking wet, luscious body was driving Ben wild. But he knew Clara was horny too, which was why she’d suggested this in the first place.

Clara grinned as Ben headed towards her. The look in his eyes spoke volumes. She knew she was going to have the fuck of her life in a few short minutes, and her pussy was wet and ready. Clara had always had fantasies of skinny dipping; and of having sex in the rain. Tonight she was going to fulfil them both, and the fact it was deliciously risky turned her on all the more. She parted her legs slightly in anticipation, enjoying the rush of cool water to her private parts.

Ben reached out for the side of the pool to steady himself as he reached Clara. His arms either side of Clara’s, their bodies met; so familiar, and yet so alien in these circumstances. They’d had sex in the shower before, but to be completely submersed in water, and to have it pelting down on their heads was a new experience. And one they both intended to enjoy.

Clara let go of the side of the pool and wrapped her arms and legs around Ben, who was still gripping the side of the pool. As he couldn’t then touch her without making them both sink, Clara took control and began kissing his neck whilst pressing her breasts against his chest, making his cock twitch and jump.

Desperate to feel it inside her, Clara manoeuvred back slightly, so she could angle the head of Ben’s hard-on ready to slide inside her slick wetness. The sensations were already amazing; the cold water, the rain pelting down on them and dripping off their bodies onto one another – Clara knew she would come in no time. She bore down, and Ben’s cock slipped inside her easily, causing them both to moan in ecstasy.

Ben’s fingers gripped the side of the pool tightly as Clara rode his cock. As he had no leverage with his feet he had to simply float there whilst Clara did all the work. Still, she didn’t seem to mind, and her cries told Ben her orgasm wasn’t far away. He bent his neck and kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth as his cock explored her cunt. Both were warm and wet, and turned him on no end.

Clara ground her crotch roughly into Ben’s, desperate for some extra friction against her clit. She was so close to coming, and she knew Ben would be too. Their lips were still mashed together, tongues playing in one another’s mouths, moans escaping from both. As Clara gyrated against Ben, she felt the familiar beginnings of her orgasm, and she bit Ben’s lip as she rode out the wave.

Pulse after pulse of Clara’s orgasm clenched Ben’s cock, and he let go. Orgasming loudly, he emptied his balls into his girlfriend.

Seconds later, they reluctantly parted and slumped against the side of the pool, heads resting on their arms and facing one another, grinning stupidly. Ben shivered involuntarily.

“Cold, sweetie?” said Clara, still grinning. “Come on, let’s go back to the room. I know a great way to warm you up.”

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  2. Jacque

    February 13, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Very sexy story!