…I wake up in the morning and I’m really horny. Perhaps I’ve had a dirty dream that I’ve forgotten about but has left me with a wet and throbbing pussy. I’m alone, so I don’t have you there to help me out of my predicament, so I have to content myself with idly playing with my pussy whilst thinking about you, and what I’d like you to do to me. I’m already getting wetter.

AllureI relax into the pillows on my bed and close my eyes, my fingers dipping deep into my warmth. The other hand strokes my clit, and I wish you were here to fuck me.

If you were here, I’d make you watch me touch myself, my slick pussy wide open and inviting. I smile at the thought of you fucking me. You always do it so well. You seem to know how I want it, slow and intimate, or rough and fast. Today I want it rough. I want you to treat me like your bitch. But that will have to wait until you get home… right now it’s all up to my imagination…

I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy, seeking my G Spot. The pressure on the spot soon makes that familiar feeling run throughout my body, and I long to cum. I long to squirt. I like to squirt whilst you’re watching me. The look of amazement and arousal on your face makes me smile. The thought of you turns me on even more, and I think, what the fuck… and I rub my G Spot until I come long and hard, all over the bedsheets.

This only makes me hornier. I want it rough and hard. I want you to walk in, right now, drag me off the bed and bend me over it, spank my ass until it’s red raw then part my legs and spank my pussy until I cry out in pain. Then dip your fingers into my dripping wetness, taste some, then coat your fingers in it.

My ass is high in the air, my asshole gaping open as you’ve parted my cheeks. I want you to spread my pussy juices on my tight hole, lubing it up. Then pull down your trousers and boxers. In one swift move, you’ll penetrate my tight ass. I want you to ram it in, all in one go, right up to the base of your cock, your balls pressed against my clit. Totally filling up my back entrance. The pain will make my eyes water, but once I’m used to your size, the nerve endings in my ass go onto overdrive and make my pussy drool.

I’ll play with my clit and pussy as you thrust in and out of my ass, which has now relaxed. You pump harder, gripping my hips for support.

“You little slut.” You’ll hiss into my ear as you ram your cock hard into me. “You’re fucking loving this aren’t you? My cock right up your tight hole.”

There’s no denying it. I am loving it, and your dirty talk heightens my arousal so I push myself back onto your dick, wanting you to go harder and faster.

I don’t ever want you to stop. The feeling is amazing, of being violated and taken so roughly. I trust you, so I know you’d never really hurt me, but you being rough turns me on so much. I want you harder, deeper, faster until I can’t take any more. Until we both feel our climaxes approaching. Until I rub frantically on my clitoris as you bang my ass to increase my orgasm. Our bodies slap together loudly and our cries fill the air. Then you slow down a little and I know you’re going to cum. You pull out just at the right moment and cum all over my asshole, and it dribbles down my crack to my pussy. I love it. The feeling of your hot spunk on me is all is takes to send me over the edge, and I collapse forward onto the bed in my own orgasmic state.

“Little whore,” you whisper, “You like it rough don’t you? No foreplay, just a good hard fuck. You dirty little bitch. You’ll get the same again if you’re good.”


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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  1. Beau Stevens

    December 9, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Ooooh, man . . . that was excellent. So that's what women do when us men have to leave for work earlier than you ; 0

  2. cw1985

    December 9, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    Thanks Beau, I'm glad you liked it. And as for your second comment, well that would be telling! 😉