Sticky Heat

It was just the heat, she told herself. Making her horny, needy. Making that sensitive nub of flesh between her legs throb and her pussy clench as if it were trying to grab something and pull it deep inside her wet warmth.

Lustful thoughtsJust the heat making her mind wander off of its own accord. Thinking of hard bodies, long slender fingers, hot and heavy cocks. Ready cocks. Ready for her to take her pleasure.

It was getting to her now. The constant horniness was making her crazy. Her clitoris begging for attention. Touching herself made no difference. She didn’t know how her clit knew, but it wasn’t her hands, her touch it wanted. She needed a man. To explore together, licking, sucking, biting, fucking.

She needed a long, thick, hard, burning cock inside her. Sliding into her velvet tunnel, caressing her delicate walls, filling her hole, satisfying her yearning. Thrusting slowly at first, enjoying the sensation of being filled – then being met by eager hips thrusting together. Picking up the pace, fucking harder, faster. Bumping and grinding her G-Spot and clit, sending tingly feelings to all the right places.

Skin slapping together, cock and cunt making wet squelchy noises. In the height of passion, nobody cared. Both riding to their own climax. That’s what she needed. To be used, fucked, a pussy full of spunk. To be sore the next day, labia feeling delicate from the banging. A damn good hard fucking. That’s exactly what she needed.

To get hot and sweaty. Passionate. Wild, naughty. Orgasmic. To collapse in a sweaty heap of limbs, breathing heavily.

To recuperate. And do it all again. Several damn good hard fuckings. That’s totally and utterly what she needed.

And now she was going to go out and get it. She got dressed, and went in search of someone to scratch her infuriating itch.


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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