Sunshine On Naked Skin

She was lying stretched out on the grass, idly daydreaming as she watched the clouds scoot across the blue sky. Feeling a little horny, she absentmindedly stroked the soft skin of her stomach, imagining some sexy man coming to take over. She closed her eyes and let her fantasy take over…

She opened her eyes and he was lying on the grass right next to her, having watched her for some time. He wasn’t threatening, with a wide but sexy smile, and cheeky green eyes she could stare into forever. Neither spoke, but something clicked, and he lowered his head. She felt her body tingle as their lips met and twisted slightly onto her side to mould her body to his. Her excitement grew as she felt his erection pressing against her, and she deepened the kiss, twining her arms around his neck and pulling him down onto her.

The sun beat down on their intertwined bodies writhing on the grass. By now they’d become increasingly frantic, kissing hungrily, as if there was no tomorrow. No words passed their lips, there was no need. Both knew what would happen, and both wanted it desperately.

She pulled away from the kiss, only to tug his t-shirt over his head, revealing a toned but not overly muscular torso, peppered with fine hairs. A sexy tattoo adorned his left arm and she reached out to stroke it. His skin was soft and tempting. She wanted to feel it against hers. She whipped off her own t-shirt, showing off her heavy breasts, barely encased in her bra. He reached around to the back of her bra and popped it open easily, his mouth and hands falling to her naked flesh as soon as it was revealed. He pleasured and teased her, his mouth on one, his hand on the other. Her pussy was sodden and screaming to be touched. Filled.

They kissed once more and she revelled in the sensation of his naked skin against hers, caressing his body as their tongues and lips clashed. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head as he began an assault on her neck, nipping and sucking at the skin, leaving trails of fire behind. He deliberately rubbed his hard cock against her through their clothes. She was desperate to see and feel what was inside those jeans.

She didn’t have to wait long. He sat up, undid his belt and slid his jeans down with a glint in his eye, to reveal tight black boxer shorts and his prick standing proudly alert. She wasted no time in shoving her own jeans down to her ankles, then beckoning him closer. Down came those tight boxers, over the pert and gorgeous bum and ultimately, over that massive erection. She assaulted his cock as he had her breasts, her hand closed over his hardness and her mouth opened wide to accommodate him. He tasted wonderful, clean and masculine. She sucked him off, oblivious to the sqwarking birds and buzzing bees around them. She cared about nothing except them coming together as one. Him filling her soaking pussy – stretching her, satisfying her. Fucking her brains out. She didn’t really care how, she just wanted him inside her. She pleasured him with a vengeance until he gently pulled her away and playfully pushed her onto her back.

RaptureImmediately he’d pulled down her soaking pants and two fingers explored her folds. Discovering how wet she was, he smiled and sucked her juices off his fingers, then plunged them deep inside her, preparing her. His tongue joined his fingers in her lady garden, giving her clit delicate flicks, then circling it before sucking it between his lips. She lifted her hips, wanting more of him, wanting him to make her climax and dribble her sweet juices down his chin. Without a word, he read her body language and removed his fingers and pleasured her solely with his tongue, caressing her sweet flesh as if it was a fine delicacy.

If she’d been horny whilst she was alone, now she was going crazy. Her body was totally betraying her, giving herself over to him completely. She was behaving like a wanton whore, grinding her pussy against him, wanting more, wanting his cock desperately. He could do what he wanted with her, she didn’t care, as long as he allowed her to come. She could feel it approaching. His hands caressed her body as his face was buried between her thighs, sending her nerves into overdrive.

As the first wave of her orgasm approached, she grabbed handfuls of grass, gripping them tightly. Then it broke and her pussy pulsed, wave after wave of bliss undulated throughout her entire body, her hairs all stood on end and she smiled.

She’d barely had time to relax when he’d positioned himself between her thighs and slid his cock into her wetness. He stretched her and filled her, and they both gasped as he buried himself right up to the balls. Some silent code passed between them and they both lay still, savouring the moment, until they could bear it no longer, and their lips met hungrily as he began to move inside her, slowly at first.

Soon, though, his resolve ran out and he began to fuck her hard. Their eyes met as they fucked, and she saw the look in his was one of wild abandon, of recklessness. She met him thrust for thrust wanting him deeper, harder, faster. Then her animal passion really broke through and she rolled him off her, only to present herself to him, bum in the air and holding herself open for him. He re-entered and grasped her hips hard for leverage and he thrust in and out of her as hard as he could go. She pushed back on him, whimpering with pleasure. She never wanted it to stop. She wanted him to fuck her silly forever, under the blue sky and bright hot sun. Every inch of her was on fire and she reached down to squeeze her clit which was madly sensitive. It didn’t take long.

Presently her second orgasm approached and this time she couldn’t help it, she moaned out loud, her pleasure truly making itself known. A second groan followed hers, and his cock began to pulsate wildly inside her, filling her full of his juices. They twitched and groaned together, until their orgasms subsided, and collapsed in a twisted heap on the grass.

Wanting to see the look on his face, she turned to see him. His cheeks were flushed, and his forehead dripping with sweat. He was now wearing a big cheesy grin and his eyes were wide and full of wonder.

They lay down together in the grass, recovering. They stroked one another’s skin, marvelling at what they’d just done.

It must have been the sun making them crazy. But it continued to shine down on their naked skin, warming them. Priming them for more….


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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