That Girl

There she was again. She sauntered past Paul’s desk in her tight skirt and high heels, and his mind was instantly distracted from his work. Just like it was every time she wandered past. She was completely unaware of how attractive she was. She didn’t dress in a slutty way, just in smart business attire which happened to look damn fine on her figure. She wasn’t one of these skinny waifs, constantly striving to be thinner. Laura had a gorgeous full figure, a nice rounded ass perfect for grabbing, curvy hips and pert breasts. Her heels elongated her legs and enhanced her sexy walk.

Paul watched her lovely bottom swaying across the office, then quickly averted his eyes as she turned to sit down. Too late. She’d seen him looking at her. Damn it. He thought he saw a twinkle in her eye, but decided it was his imagination playing tricks on him. Those big blue eyes couldn’t possibly be hiding the same kind of thoughts he was having, could they? He tried to get back to his work, but his semi-erect cock, luckily hidden by his desk, had other plans.

His mind wandered, and he imagined doing all sorts of naughty things with Laura. He imagined that blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap, her blow job lips around his erection, sucking and licking him to orgasm. Her eyes would be fixed on his face, enjoying his reaction as she pleasured him.

By now Paul had a raging hard-on, and he willed it to go away so he could get on with some work. His biggest nightmare would be someone calling him and needing him to leave his desk. There’s no way he’d be able to go anywhere at the moment – it was pretty damn obvious that he was as horny as fuck. His erection twitched in his boxers, and he wriggled in his chair, desperate to disguise what was going on down below.

Eventually, his hard-on disappeared after he’d spent a good ten minutes purposely thinking about horrible things – like grannies and screaming children. He was finally able to get some work done. Thank God he hadn’t needed to leave his desk, how embarrassing that could have been.

A little later his erection threatened to come back as Laura stood up from her desk. As she was walking towards him, he wasn’t able to openly watch her like he had before, but he snuck a peek at her, that sleek blonde hair, beautiful face and even better breasts. As he looked back at her face, he saw a smirk playing on her lips. Bloody hell, had she caught him again? She winked. That was a yes then, and she was flirting with him!

This time, there was no stopping the stirring in his pants. His cock stood to attention. He had no idea why this woman had such an effect on him. It wasn’t unusual for him to find women attractive, of course, but he didn’t usually get erections all the time! Maybe it was a lack of sex, or because the setting was inappropriate. Who knew? All Paul knew for sure was both he and his penis really fancied Laura. But that would be as far as it went – he was sure a girl like her would have a boyfriend at home anyway. She didn’t have a wedding or engagement ring, but he doubted she was single. Anyway, he was only looking, no harm in that.

He kept his eyes firmly glued to his screen when she headed back to her desk, not wanting to risk getting caught for the third time in a day. She’d think he was some kind of psycho pervert. He thought perhaps she’d glanced at him before she sat down, but unwilling to raise his eyes to check, he couldn’t be sure.

Then a familiar name popped up in his e-mail inbox. Oh God, what did she want?

Well done, it said, I didn’t catch you that time. You’re getting better.

Dumbfounded, Paul stared at his screen. He couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic, or whether she was giving him the come on. Mind you, she had winked at him. If she hated the fact he was looking at her, surely it would have been a dirty look, rather than a wink, that she’d given him? He sent a message back:

I didn’t look.

Seconds later:

Aww, you gone off me already? That’s a shame.

She was definitely flirting with him, he decided. They began shooting e-mails back and forth, lightly flirting. He didn’t want to push his luck, just in case she was all mouth no action and he ended up getting disciplined for sexual harassment or something. But gradually the talk got more dirty and Paul felt stirring down below again. Oh God, not again. What the hell was wrong with his penis? Had someone slipped a mild Viagra pill into his coffee or something?

He decided to slip out quickly before he got an erection. He walked swiftly to the safety of the toilets, thinking if he ‘relieved’ himself then perhaps he’d have a little more control over his nether regions. He slipped into a cubicle and locked the door. He was alone in the gents so he put the toilet seat down, undid his trousers, and slid them and his boxers to his ankles. His cock sprang free, and Paul wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke firmly up and down his shaft. He was soon fully tumescent again and he quickened the pace of his hand as he thought again of Laura sucking him off. He’d love to tangle his hands in that silky hair as he thrust his cock into her mouth; spunk down her throat, then bunch her skirt up around her waist, grab that gorgeous arse and bury his face in her wetness and lick her until she came. Then he’d screw her tight hole until they were both sweaty and satisfied.

His breath was coming in gasps by now as he crept towards his climax. He grabbed some toilet paper ready to clean up the mess, and just as he was about to really go for it and masturbate himself to orgasm, he heard the door open. Damn it. Trust someone else to need the loo right now. With any luck, they’d just use the urinal then leave.

What it took Paul a while to realise in his flustered state was that the footsteps that came through the door had the click-clack of heels. High heels. As this information slowly entered his brain, he jumped when a knock came at the cubicle door.

“Paul? Is that you in there? It’s Laura.”

Not quite believing his ears, Paul scooted forward on the seat and unlocked the door. Laura quickly pushed her way in and locked the door behind her…


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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