The Workout Part One

As the door clicked shut behind his last client, Shane pounced on the door and locked it, flipping the sign over to read “closed” in the process.

Relieved, he shuffled to the nearest bench and sat down, the cold black leather a shocking contrast to the heat radiating from his body. He sighed and wiped his damp forehead on the towel draped around his neck.

It had been a long day. Mondays always were. Clients who’d been out all weekend drinking and partying skulked in on Mondays to make up for their bad behaviour. One of the things Shane had always liked about his job was making people suffer. Clients would admit to him that they’d not stuck to their routine between visits, so Shane made them work even harder. Sometimes he had to show them how it was done, which is how he’d come to be plastered in sweat himself.

Suppose I’d better get showered and be off, he thought. I’ll just chill for a minute first.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he forgot to do his ritual check of the showers and changing areas to make sure everybody had gone. There was never anybody around anyway; they all had homes to go to, after all. And so did Shane. His bed was calling.

Ready to pounceAfter a couple of minutes recuperation, Shane stood, the skin on his toned thighs peeling off the leather with an unpleasant sucking sound. He chortled to himself as he wandered towards the men’s changing rooms to have a shower.

What he hadn’t noticed was the presence of another person in the building. Cathy had been showering and getting dressed hurriedly as she did every week, eager to be home with her feet up in front of her favourite soaps. She’d been a little late arriving this evening as she’d been late leaving work due to some last-minute emergency she’d had to sort out. Some incompetent office temp hadn’t sent an urgent report, so Cathy had saved the day. Again.

Shane hadn’t been angry, she was usually on time, and besides, he’d been so busy that he’d only had time for a very brief session –he’d had a quick chat about her activities over the past week, and given her instructions to carry on with some exercises until her time was up. Cathy didn’t mind though, sometimes it was nice to be given the opportunity to look at Shane without him knowing.

With his chin-length tousled hair, muscular tattooed arms and fit body, his look gave the impression that he was some kind of ‘bad –boy’ type, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He was a nice guy, too.

The primary reason Cathy had continued her sessions with Shane after the trial period was because from the first time she’d laid eyes on him, she’d wanted him. His easy manner and laid-back personality coupled with his good looks gave Cathy many a sleepless night. She’d never been on the wrong side of him as she always kept to her regime, and as a result, her attraction grew to the stage where she knew she had to do something about it. But what? And when? The gym was always packed when she went in. Sometimes it was a blessing because his attention was elsewhere and she could fantasise about him undisturbed, but at other times, she wanted his full attention on her body. But not in the way he thought…

This particular evening hadn’t been planned. Cathy had genuinely had a crisis on her hands which meant she’d left work late, therefore putting the entire evenings’ schedule off-kilter. But when she got to the point where she was peering out of the ladies changing rooms and realised she and Shane were alone, she couldn’t help but think it was fate. And who was she to resist it?

As Shane headed towards the showers, completely oblivious to her, she followed him as quietly as possible, shocked at what she was about to do, but excited at the same time. Would she make her presence known, or would she just take a quick peek at what was underneath those shorts and then make a swift getaway? Cathy didn’t know.

Shane pulled back the curtain on the shower and turned on the spray, waiting for a couple of minutes for the water to heat up. He then threw his towel across a bench next to the lockers, and removed his shorts. He had his back to her, so she couldn’t see anything, but Cathy was almost salivating. His ass was just as captivating as the rest of his body and she could fully imagine grasping it and pulling it towards her as he thrust in and out…

Wrenching herself back to real-life, Cathy ducked behind another set of lockers where she couldn’t be seen as he turned and grabbed his shower gel from his bag, which was hanging on the wall next to the showers. Then she heard the sound of the water change as he got underneath the spray. Cathy’s mind once again descended into the gutter as she thought of him standing there naked and wet, and about to touch that gorgeous body to wash the sweat away. An odd thought struck her – she hadn’t heard him close the curtain. Mind you, as far as he was concerned, he was alone in the building, so why would he need to do that?

It was too good an opportunity to miss. Slowly inching along the row of lockers, she peered around the corner. And there he was, in all his stunning glory. Totally naked, and totally tasty. He had his eyes closed as he tilted his head back under the spray and wet his shaggy mop. Water cascaded over his body, running in rivulets down his chest, which had a fine coating of hair. Cathy’s knees almost gave way as her eyes were drawn to his cock. Large and meaty-looking even when flaccid, she could just imagine how his erection would feel pressed against her thigh; in her mouth; slipping inside her…

Allowing her fantasy to take over, Cathy closed her eyes. Her pussy was a little damp already from watching the object of her desire get his kit off right in front of her, and as she slid her hand underneath the waistband of her tracksuit bottoms, and then into her thong, it got wetter. She delved lower, briefly caressing her clitoris, then dipping her fingers deeper to coat them in her juices. She brought the soaked fingers back to her clitoris, smothering it in her natural lubricant, and began to rub herself, slowly but firmly.

Seconds later, her hand sought more of her wetness, which was now freely flowing onto the gusset of her pants. So involved was she in her own pleasure that when her hand sought her swollen nub once more, she screamed when a hand caught her wrist and exclaimed,

“What are you doing?!”

Cathy had never even noticed the shower shut off, or heard Shane moving around. She’d been so aroused and lost in her own little world that she’d now been caught red-handed. He was standing right in front of her, soaking wet and wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. And he was offering to help. Not knowing what to say, Cathy smiled in a way that she hoped was inviting, and said,

“Why don’t you help me out?”


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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