The Workout Part Three

Then she slid her lips right down his shaft and took him as far into her mouth as he would go. As his dick was so large, it wasn’t all the way in, but she gripped her hand around the base of his cock and squeezed and stroked as she began to bob up and down on his erection. She flicked her tongue around his hard dick as she was sucking, making sure it was a good wet blow job, the best kind to get a man excited, Cathy knew.

As she increased her pace, Shane tensed, and he reached down and tangled his hands in her hair. Rather than pushing her mouth further on to him, and she’d anticipated, he was trying to slow her down.

“I’ll come soon if you carry on like that! That feels amazing.”

Cathy looked up at his face and slowly pulled away from his penis, continuing to stroke him with her hand.

“You’ll soon get hard again. Just relax and let yourself go.”

Then her mouth was back around his length, and she upped the pace, still stroking him with one hand. Her other hand went to his balls and began gently tugging and caressing as she pleasured him. Soon she felt the area tense and prepared herself for a mouthful of his spunk. She sucked him harder and faster, wanting him to experience an orgasm he’d never forget.

Seconds later his hands gripped more tightly in her hair, pulling it, and sending delicious pleasure/pain signals throughout her body. Her nipples tightened and her pussy drooled. Then a wet warmth filled her mouth, and Shane’s cock was pulsing strongly between her lips. Cathy sucked him more slowly, knowing he’d be sensitive.

When he finished coming in her mouth, she swallowed and licked up any excess lingering. Then she smiled up at him, pleased she’d satisfied him. God, but he was gorgeous.

Shane reached down and pulled her to her feet. He flipped open her bra and between them they took it off, and dropped it to the floor. They kissed once more, hands wandering around buttocks, stroking necks, fingernails grazing lightly across skin.

Shane drove his tongue deeply into Cathy’s mouth, wanting her to know how much he wanted her and how much she’d aroused him. Cathy felt as though she was melting into him, and was amazed at how wet her pussy still was, even after he’d made her come once already. She hoped he would do it again. Given that his cock was rapidly growing against her stomach, she suddenly had no doubt that she was going to receive lots more pleasure before the evening was out. She was suddenly desperate to feel him inside her, and pressed herself more firmly against his erection, giving him extra stimulation.

Shane pulled away from her and glanced furtively around, sizing up where they could most comfortably have sex. Then he grabbed Cathy’s hand and pulled her with him over to the nearest bench, and told her to bend over. She did so, grabbing onto one of the wooden slats of the bench for balance. Shane’s large hands caressed her arse, pulling apart the cheeks to look at her wet pussy, and her tight and virginal rear entrance. Then his tongue dove between her cheeks, plunging into her soaking pussy and fucking her with his tongue, then licking down to her clit, then all the way back up her vagina for an experimental exploration of her anus. Cathy tensed at the unfamiliar touch, but decided it wasn’t unpleasant, so let him carry on. He tongued into her tight anus and simultaneously drove two fingers deep inside her wet cunt, getting her ready for his cock.

Soon Cathy was whimpering in her desperation to be filled up with that big, thick cock. She’d never had a man that big before, and she couldn’t wait. She wasn’t nervous, because she knew she was so wet he’d slide right in. And somehow she knew that he would never hurt her.

Shane clearly sensed her readiness. He stopped pleasuring her with his fingers and tongue, stood up and grasped his penis tightly with one hand and guided it towards her entrance. He slid it up and down her vulva, coating the head in her juices. Then he entered her, just a little, to make sure he wasn’t going to hurt her. He then pulled back and entered her again, now teasing her with just the end of his dick. Cathy wriggled her buttocks, trying to push herself back onto him. Shane grinned, then grabbed her hips and thrust deeply into her, his cock buried right inside her, his pubic hair tangling with hers.

Cathy squealed at the sensation of being filled so completely. Shane felt amazing inside her, and she never wanted it to end. She felt sure that he was going to be the fuck of her life. He certainly knew what he was doing foreplay-wise. He began to move, slow and deep thrusts to start, relishing the feeling of Cathy’s soaking wet and red hot pussy. Her walls squeezed and caressed him, sending shivers of delight through Shane’s body. He was glad Cathy had already made him come once because otherwise he was sure he’d have climaxed far too quickly, and he really wanted to satisfy her.

He started to thrust more violently into Cathy’s pussy, his balls slapping against her swollen clit. He slid one hand from her hip around to the front of her body, and sought her sweet spot and manipulated it as he fucked her from behind.

Cathy felt as though her knees would give way at any moment. The sensations running through her body were immense. Her most intimate areas had already been sensitive from Shane making her come, and now he was screwing her hard and fast whilst frantically rubbing her clit. She could feel her climax approaching, and so she began to push back against Shane’s thrusts hoping he would take this as a signal to really go for it.

He did, and he again grabbed her hips tightly and began to fuck her like a man possessed, whilst Cathy’s hand sought her swollen bud and masturbated herself. Soon she felt the tingling of her orgasm begin to emanate throughout her body.

“Shane – ..” He cut her off.

“Me too… come for me.”

Cathy stroked her clit more frantically as she felt her climax building, and Shane dug his fingers into her flesh for more leverage as he thrust. The pleasure/pain was enough to send her over the edge, and she cried out as she came, relishing the sensation of her vagina spasming around Shane’s cock; which in turn was now twitching and spurting its own sweet release.

As their orgasms began to wane, Shane collapsed against Cathy, his arm curled around her stomach, and his lips planting gentle kisses on her back. Cathy manoeuvred herself around so she was facing him, and he sat down on the bench and pulled her onto his lap. Despite their exertion he cradled her body effortlessly. With her head against his chest, Cathy could feel Shane’s heart pumping; she imagined hers was probably ten times faster after that!

Shower SeenAfter a few tender minutes, Cathy could feel movement underneath her leg. It appeared Shane was insatiable. Cathy stood, and took Shane’s hand.

“Come on,” she said, grinning, “I think you need another shower after that workout. I’ll scrub your back.”


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