The Workout Part Two

After a moment’s silence, Shane’s testosterone won out and he pulled her wrist out of her pants and brought her hand to his mouth. He grinned as he saw the juices all over Cathy’s hand then took a couple of her fingers into his mouth, sucking and licking them. He continued until her fingers were clean.

“You’re very quiet,” he said, “embarrassed because I caught you?”

Cathy blushed.

“I’m sorry…” but Shane had silenced her with a kiss, pressing his hard body against hers. Her hands greedily sought the ass she’d been fantasising about for so long and pulled him still closer. Now she could feel another type of hardness pressing against her. She’d love to feel it nudging against her slick cunt, about to fuck her senseless. It had been a while since she’d had a good shag. Any kind of shag, actually. And here she was with the man of her dreams, both day and night, and he was kissing her. Certainly beat another lonely night with a dirty book and her rabbit.

And oh… his hands were wandering down her body; fingers hooking around the waistband of her tracksuit and the sides of her g-string, sliding them down over her hips, her thighs, and then they fell to the floor, leaving her exposed.

He knelt on the floor in front of her, slid his hands around to her bottom and caressed her flesh.

“Mmm, you have been working out haven’t you? Got a good personal trainer have you?”

Cathy felt his breath on her skin. Using his hands to pull her towards him he forced her wetness into his face and began to lick. Cathy thought her legs were going to give way. She was so wet she thought he would drown down there. And what a way to go.

Shane clearly enjoyed giving cunnilingus, as he licked her with gusto, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He teased her by licking her labia, first up one side then across the top – purposely not touching her clitoris – then down the other side. He then sucked her delicate folds, ever so gently. He then upped the ante by inserting two fingers inside her, as far as they would go. Cathy clutched her inner muscles around his fingers, causing him to moan against her skin, no doubt in anticipation of what was to come, which in turn made her moan. Shane moved his fingers inside Cathy’s wetness, brushing against her g-spot. Her hips bucked involuntarily, and he took this as a signal that she liked what he was doing.

Curving his fingers into a come-hither motion, Shane began to pump in and out of her, the tips of his fingers repeatedly stimulating the sensitive area, until she felt a familiar feeling build up inside her.

“Faster,” she begged, “Please.”

He willingly obliged, working with his hand until Cathy was bucking against him. He manipulated her sensitive flesh for some moments, and then suddenly she sucked in a ragged breath and hissed,


Shane immediately removed his fingers from her drenched pussy and replaced them with his tongue, rapidly flicking her clitoris with his tongue, eager to enhance Cathy’s climax. His chin and lips were instantly saturated with her juices, which flooded out of her, warm and sweet. He placed his hands on her thighs to steady her, and continued to caress her vulva with his tongue, licking up every last drop of her come. Once satisfied, he stood and wrapped his arms around her trembling body, and kissed her once more.

Cathy could taste her juices on Shane’s lips and tongue, and kissed him more deeply. It turned her on to taste herself, particularly as she’d so enjoyed what Shane had been doing to her. She decided it was time to return the favour.

Cathy gently broke away from the kiss; only to deftly remove her vest top, then proceed to trail her lips down his strong jaw line, thrills running through her nerves at the sensation of his stubble grazing across her skin. She could barely believe this was happening, but now she had him where she wanted him, Cathy was going to make the most of it. She savoured his damp skin, enjoying the occasional drip of cool water onto her hot body from his still-wet hair.

Her hands raced ahead of her mouth, stroking and squeezing his muscular chest and abs as she nibbled at his collarbone. Then she caressed the arms she’d admired for so long; big and bulky with strong, sexy biceps. Cathy’s lips sought out his nipples and she teased one with her tongue and teeth; the other between her fingers. Shane clearly enjoyed the sensation; he exhaled deeply and put his hands on his head, to stop him interfering with what Cathy was doing. He wanted desperately to feel her mouth around his cock, but somehow he knew that rushing her would probably make her take her time even more.

Slowly, slowly, Cathy worked down Shane’s torso. After teasing his nipples, she kissed down each side of his body; over his six-pack; and followed the line of hair running from his belly button and heading beneath the towel…

In one deft movement Cathy yanked the towel off Shane, leaving him completely in the buff, and at her mercy. She didn’t pause, continuing to kiss her way down his snail trail and straight to his cock. Now erect and close up, Cathy saw it was very generous in both length and girth, and Cathy suspected that Shane was definitely going to give her an evening to remember. More than one, if she was lucky. Anyway, she didn’t want to think too far ahead, she was having plenty of fun in the here and now. And she fully intended to make sure he did, too.

Licking her lips, Cathy grasped the base of Shane’s length, pulling his foreskin fully back to allow her access to the most sensitive part of his glans. She stuck out her tongue and with it, ever so gently caressed the skin attaching the head of his penis to the foreskin. His cock twitched and leapt in her hand, so she gripped it more firmly and continued to lick the stringy piece of flesh, then swirled her tongue off it and around the head of his penis, dipping briefly into his hole.

Grinning at the taste of salty precum in her mouth, Cathy began to rub her hand up and down his shaft as she danced her tongue across the shiny head of his cock.


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