3 Worst Airports for a “Lay”-Over by Tara Quan

Hi Lucy. Thanks so much for letting me drop by to promote my new book. A contemporary romance, Delicious Delay was just released by Decadent Publishing. The blurb and excerpt are at the end of this post, and the book is now available from the publisher (here), Amazon (here), Barnes & Noble (here) and other major ebook retailers (here).

Writing Delicious Delay has forced me to mull over a plethora of logistical hurdles related to sex in an airport. While certain airports have the amenities to make a “Lay”-Over possible, there are ones that would make any attempt the opposite of pleasant. Here’s my short list of worst airports for “Lay”-Overs, along with the reasons why. (Disclaimer: I do not advocate having sex in an airport.)

3. Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia: There are virtually no enclosed areas in this tiny little airport (the architects seemed to favor stilts over walls). It’s equipped with a few extremely cramped bathroom stalls and air conditioning is difficult to come by. Combined that with the humidity, heat, and mosquitoes, and you’ve got one of the least sex-inspiring airports on the planet. That said, I highly recommend a trip to Angkor Wat!

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India: This is without a doubt the most crowded airport I’ve ever visited save for Cairo. In general, India gives the term “sea of people” a whole new meaning. Because of the amount of traffic this place gets, it’s impossible to keep it clean. With queues snaking out the doors, you’d be lucky to catch your flight, let alone sneak in a naughty kiss.

1. Washington Dulles International Airport, D.C., USA: I might be a bit biased since I’ve traveled through this airport more times than I can count. That said, with security the way it is these days, you can get into a ton of trouble in the nation’s capital by looking even remotely suspicious. There are cameras everywhere, along with drug-sniffing German Shepherds (that once took a shining to my stash of pork jerky), as well as over-worked government employees who seem to be in a bad mood more often than not. Most would not think this of the country that birthed Hollywood and MTV, but Americans can be quite prudish when we’re in a rush to catch our flight!

Are you wondering what I think are the best airports for a “Lay”-over? Drop by Teri Rigg’s Blog on Wednesday to find out (January 8, 2014)!


Delicious DelayDelicious Delay

Stranded in a Middle Eastern airport, Michelle Day finds herself the object of interest for an abrasive, but all-too-sexy stranger—a stranger who tempts her with the forbidden in a land where indecency could get her killed. But how does one say no to such a deliciously, relentless pursuit?

Khalid Al Dehri takes one look at the red-headed spitfire in the business class lounge and knew he’d either been transported to heaven—or hell. Her tart response to his surliness intrigues him beyond all propriety and the longer he spends in her company, the more he can’t deny his forbidden attraction. But will she explore the sensuality between them or will society’s rules keep them apart?

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He grinned. “So I have a proposal.”

She tried to get her breathing under control, without much success. “Why am I sure it’s an indecent one?”

He motioned his head toward the far end of the lounge. Latticed wooden screens gave that particular section more privacy. In an L-shaped room, the tucked-away location prevented a direct line of sight from the dining or reception areas.

He got up and offered her his hand. She hesitated for a long moment before taking it. With faltering footsteps, she followed him. More private or not, limits on how far this could go existed due to them being in an airport lounge. Since her self-control had chosen today to take a vacation, she appreciated the imposed constraint.

He lowered himself onto a plush leather sofa deep inside the cordoned area. With walls on either side and screens strategically angled, the space seemed to have been designed as a spot for people to nap.

On the brink of crossing a dangerous line, she hesitated. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“I’m just giving you the opportunity to have your way with me,” he offered, his face the picture of innocence.

She hadn’t expected that answer. “I don’t quite follow.”

He kicked one of his legs out and tangled it with hers. She stumbled and instinctively moved her hands forward to brace herself. Her palms flattened over his hard muscled chest when she landed.

She traced the shape of his pectorals. “What do you do all day? Work out?”

He chuckled, the low rumble all male. “I have access to the best personal trainers money can buy. They help keep me honest.”

She shook her head in disbelief as the man preened. “Have you heard of a concept called humility?”

“It’s not one of my virtues,” he admitted. “I’ve never understood the point.”

She sighed. “It’s the polite thing to do.”

He placed his forefinger under her chin and tipped her head up, his expression playful. “So what is a sweet, polite, goody two shoes doing on top of me?”


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