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Uncover MeA little show & tell …

“She didn’t think of it as porn.”

That’s the first line of my current release from Mischief. Uncover Me is about exhibitionist sex blogger Carrie, and certainly she doesn’t think of her pictures as porn. As is evident to one of her most avid readers and soon-to-be eager lover, Brendan, the pictures say something about the woman in the pictures. A still frame sets the scene — a woman in stockings brandishing a paddle, or lounging naked in her bed on a Sunday — and lets the story of her alter-ego, Maggie, unfold in the reader’s mind.

Brendan sees something else, something more.

With Brendan’s introduction into her life, and ultimately as a second player at her blog, the story of Maggie becomes the story of Carrie, the woman who had her heart broken and by letting another person into her most personal sanctuary, Dirty Pictures, begins to feel something more than mistrust.



Under the table, he slipped his hand between her legs. Comfortable with this more discreet play, Carrie parted for him and sighed as he stroked through her panties.

The waitress returned and he leaned back, but he still played with her as dessert, Brendan’s coffee and Carrie’s tea were laid out.

‘We could take the dessert to go,’ she said, and swallowed a gasp when he slipped his fingers beneath the band of fabric covering her pussy.

‘I don’t want dessert to go. I want to sit here and watch your reaction from the first mouthful to the last.’ He slowly circled her clit, his smile quirking at the corner as she shuddered, then leaned closer. ‘Take your time. I know I will.’

‘None for you?’

‘Not yet. After.’ He leaned in again, his mouth close to her ear. ‘Have a taste.’

Carrie touched her forehead to his and giggled. ‘You’re a very bad man.’

‘That is a very ungrateful attitude. Eat.’

Her fingers trembled as she picked up her spoon and dipped into the dessert. Meeting his stare, she brought it to her lips and smiled.

His gaze travelled down to her mouth as he slid his fingers to the hot mouth of her pussy. Carrie held her breath as he pushed deeper, until he was buried to the knuckle, and then closed her legs to keep him there.

She licked the tip of the spoon for her first taste and could have fainted from the rush of pleasure that swept over her as the succulent concoction melted on her tongue. She closed her eyes and moaned, then moaned again as he flexed his fingers.

‘Is it good, baby?’ he whispered, and curled his fingers against the sweet spot.

‘So good,’ she murmured and sucked the rest from the spoon.

She placed her fingers over her mouth as she swallowed, holding in a second moan as he rolled his thumb over her clit.

He withdrew, fingers spreading her with every inch. ‘The first taste is the best. The first time I had it, I actually got hard.’

She scooped up another spoonful and took a deep breath. ‘Are you hard now?’

‘What do you think?’ He shifted in his seat and moved closer as she took another mouthful. Two fingers slid on either side of her clit, and Carrie shuddered as she swallowed.

Another spoonful, another spiral of pleasure darting from where his fingers worked her as she gobbled it down.

The buzz of voices around them faded, replaced by the thump of her pulse. The candlelit room had been so cosy moments ago, but now it was sweltering.

She held up the spoon between them. ‘You sure you don’t want some? Only a few more bites left.’

He shook his head. ‘All for you.’



The photos are becoming a compulsion for Carrie. As soon as she wakes up, she feels the need to engage with the readers of her erotic website, Dirty Pictures. No matter how hard she tries to focus on her real life the need is always there. The high is knowing that men desire her.

One day a comment on her erotic website makes Carrie go cold: one of her readers, Brendan, has recognised a landmark in the window of one of her pictures. Brendan knows where to find her and has sent a tantalising private message. His invitation to play was so tempting in no time at all, in a variety of settings, their sensual adventures become wild. Her sexual and emotional reawakening reaches peaks she never imagined possible.


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  1. Karen Blue

    July 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    That excerpt is really hot. I gotta get my hands on this book!

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