A Valentine Reunion by Lita Lawson (@AuthorLita) #lovemehard


What’s the sister of the bride to do when the stripper hired for the bachelorette party cancels? She finds a replacement. But during a rare ice storm in Nashville, Whitney Jefferson discovers that good looking men in the cozy hotel bar are few and far between. And the only man available happens to be the one who broke her heart almost ten years ago.

Hunter Campbell, a former one-hit country singer, will do anything to reconnect with the one woman he can’t forget. Will Hunter’s performance convince Whitney to risk her heart again?

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Her fingers furiously texted on her phone. Unfortunately, it didn’t change the fact she had no stripper for the evening. Tapping her toe in disgust, she went down the hallway that joined the reception are and the bar for more privacy.

“Dam it to hell and back,” Whitney said just as she heard the squeak of door hinges in the hallway. She turned around, only to be caught in the ??? of one sexy brawny man.

“Why, I never heard such vile words coming from the rosiest lips I did have the pleasure of kissing,”

Whitney furrowed her brow, not recognizing the man.

“Oh, my mortally wounded heart. You don’t remember me?”

The man stepped from the hallway shadows until light shone on his face.

Him? Shock prevented her from saying anything. It couldn’t be. She hadn’t seen him since that night….the night he broke her heart.

“Ah, I see you remember me now.”

She felt her face burn in shame remembering the things he had done, they had done together. And her heart beat faster just remembering his lips. Everywhere. Then there.

“Hunter,” her voice squeaked his name out.

“Whitney,” he moved a step forward.

Shocked he remembered her name, she couldn’t stop her mouth from gaping open in surprise.

Taking another step forward until he was so near her she felt his heat, his electricity. Him.

Gathering her wits about her she retorted, “I’m surprised you remember my name.”

“How could I forget you?”

“Humph. Well you did since I never heard from you again.”

He clasped her hands in his. The electricity skittered along her nerves and settled in her nether areas.

“I’m sorry about that. Things were pretty crazy back then. I trust life has been good to you?”

She shrugged her shoulders. What would life had been like if he had called her. Would they have fallen madly in love? Would she be Mrs. Campbell? She doubted it. He was a player then, and most likely remained one today.

“I’m here doing some business. I’m getting ready to grab a bite to eat in the bar. Care to join me?”

Oh, the audacity. He thinks he can pick up where they left off ten years later just like that?

“I already have plans. In fact,” she pulled her hands from his, “I actually have a something to take care of and don’t really have the time.”

“Maybe a rain check?”

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