An Interview with Sabrina York (@sabrina_york)

I’m delighted to welcome Sabrina York to the site, where she’s telling all about writing full time, Regency romance and George Clooney. Take it away, Sabrina…


Tell us about yourself. Both your writing self and your non-writing self. What are your interests and hobbies? Do you have a day job, etc?

Lucy, thank you so much for having me! I am excited to meet your readers!

I am happy to report that as of January 2014, I am writing full time. It was a scary step to take, and certainly required our family to tighten the belt here and there, but I couldn’t be more delighted. I love writing and promo and everything involved with this business—and my readers are thrilled because I can write so much faster.

It’s amazing what you can do when you DON’T have to stop and leave your characters (hanging over a cliff) to go work for someone else for 8 hours.

As far as that goes, I used to have a lot of hobbies. Beading and cooking and working with glass…but now that I am writing full time, my days are fuller than ever. I rarely have time to take a break. I always have books to write, manuscripts to edit, chats, events, appearances, promo… Sigh. It’s never ending, but I love it! Occasionally I collapse on the sofa and watch TV. But not very often.

Give us the background on your latest release.

darkdukeMy most recent release is a STEAMY Regency romance. It’s the 3rd book in the Noble Passions series from Ellora’s Cave. I loved writing this book. It was one of the miraculous books that seemed to flow out with no effort on my part (until we came to the editing, of course).

I’ve always been a fan of Regencies. I’ve read so many I thought I knew everything there was to know about this era.

I was wrong.

In the course of editing, I discovered I had a few of the details wrong. In the first book, Folly, I originally had a scorching scene where Ethan commands Eleanor to strip down to her underwear. Imagine my horror when the final line editor informed me, they didn’t wear underwear during this period!

I know. I had to rewrite the entire scene. I was devastated. (Trust me, it was super hot).

Now, working on Book 4, Brigand, I know better. My prim and proper ladies are going commando under their stays. And the Tantalus I try to thrust into every book? The Tantalus, which did not make an appearance until the Victorian era? Yeah, got rid of that too.

I was lucky to have had good editors along the road. The series was fun to write, and is burning up the charts at Amazon. I couldn’t be happier.


How did you get started with writing? And what was your route to publication like?

I have been writing my whole life. As long as I can remember! For years I wrote nothing but romance—everything from historical to contemporary to futuristic—and I also played around with writing sexy shorts.

I joined a local RWA chapter and developed a cadre of friends who also wrote romance. We critiqued each others’ work. One of them told me about a contest for sexy shorts and she urged me to enter. So I did. I entered three titles. My books all finaled and the final judge—and editor from Ellora’s Cave—bought them all.

adamsobsessionMy first book, Adam’s Obsession was published in April of 2012. Since then, I have released over 20 titles, contemporary & regency romance, and fantasy, ranging from short stories to novels.  Most of my titles are with publishers like Ellora’s Cave and Decadent Publishing, but I also have a self published series about a group of friends getting into all kinds of sexy situations on (the fictional) Tryst Island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live.

My favorite part of being a writer is connecting with readers and I LOVE finding new readers. If you’d like to check out my work, you can download my free teaser book which will give you a taste of my books in blurbs, excerpts and comments from readers.


What are you currently working on?

I always have multiple projects in the works. Right now I am writing Book 6 of the Tryst Island series, Editing the 4th book in the Noble Passions (Regency) Series and editing Snow Angels, part of the Calendar Men Series from Decadent Publishing. I’m part of the steamy cowboy anthology, Cowboy Heat, from Cleis Press which is coming out on March 18th and I am working on promo for that as well.

On top of all that, I am writing and polishing a number of other steamy romances!

Did I mention how fun my job is??


dragonfly-kissesDo you have a particular Muse for your writing? Do any of your characters bear startling resemblances to sexy celebrities or people you admire?

We all have muses, and we bow before them. My Heart Hero—the guy I have in mind when I write—isn’t a person I could point out. Rather the hero I have developed in my mind after reading THOUSANDS of other romances. He’s tall and dark and a little stubborn. He has a sense of humour and he loves without reservation. He may change a bit from book to book, but in my heart, he’s the same guy…just wearing a different, shall we say, outfit.

I suppose any of these guys would do: http://www.pinterest.com/sabrinayork/beautiful-bodies/ or any of these guys: http://www.pinterest.com/sabrinayork/faces/


Where do you see yourself in five years? Both writing-wise and non-writing-wise?

I hope I am still writing. I hope I am still continuing to expand my readership. My husband hopes I am making enough money to buy him a boat.


And now for some silly questions…

Muscled or skinny? MUSCLED

Tall or short? TALL

Boxers or briefs? BOXERS

Moustache or beard? BEARD

Long hair or shaven head? LONG HAIR

Tattoos or piercings? TATS 4 SURE

Intelligent or funny? BOTH

Blond, brunette or red head? DARK HAIR! YUM

Hottest celebrity (tell us why, if you like)? CLOONEY. IS THERE ANY OTHER?

Top same-sex crush (or opposite sex if you already like same-sex!) ANGELINA JOLIE BECAUSE SHE’S A BADASS

Most disliked celebrity (tell us why, if you like) ANY ONE WHO DOESN’T HONOR THE PRIVELEDGE

Favourite food BACON

Favourite book (tell us why, if you like)

Favourite place in the world (tell us why, if you like) VEGAS. BECAUSE ANYTHING GOES, BABY!

Anything else you’d like to add?



Free Teaser Book: http://sabrinayork.com/home-2/sabrina-yorks-teaser-book/

Newsletter & contest: http://sabrinayork.com/sabrinas-contest-and-newsletter/

Goodreads Giveaway (Ends March 31): Enter to win a signed print copy of scorching Regency romance, Dark Fancy on Goodreads! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17409083-dark-fancy


Now give us the blurb, an extract and buy links for your latest release.

Dark Duke

Sabrina York

Noble Passions, Book Three

Edward Wyeth, the Dark Duke of Moncrieff’s life has been turned on its end. His well-ordered home has been invaded. By destitute relatives. From Scotland. How on earth can he write Lord Hedon’s salacious novels with hellions battling in the garden and starting fires in the library? But with the onslaught has come a delicious diversion. His cousin’s companion, the surprisingly intriguing Kaitlin MacAllister. He is determined to seduce her. Using her desperate need for funds and her talents as an artist, he convinces her to draw naughty pictures for his naughtier books…and he draws her into his decadent web.

But Kaitlin has a secret. She’s fled Scotland—and a very determined betrothed. When Edward’s cousin is kidnapped and held in her stead, Kaitlin is honor bound to return to her homeland and rescue her—much to Edward’s chagrin.

Because suddenly he can’t bear the thought of Kaitlin marrying another man. He can’t bear the thought of losing her at all.

A Romantica® Regency historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

An Excerpt From: DARK DUKE

Copyright © SABRINA YORK, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Edward skirted the mêlée in the garden and made his way to the far end of the estate, where there was nothing but flowers and trees and a placid little pond. Nothing to attract diminutive fiends bent on mischief. He would sit in the folly until his temperature returned to normal.

Perhaps until spring.

Dear God. He’d had no idea having the Wyeths of Perth take over his house would be such a nightmare. If he had suspected as much, he would have turned them away at the start. They would probably have crawled in under the door. Through the cracks in the flue. Vermin had a way of finding entrance.

But now. Now they were here.


He had to get rid of them.

Perhaps he could send them back to Scotland.

Scotland would revile him for it, but he had little use for rocky tors, lochs and sheep.

Then he thought of Violet and his heart lurched. It would crush her to be trundled back to what she referred to as “the bleak wilderness.” She was looking forward to a glittering season in London. She was seventeen. She needed a husband. A husband of quality. That might be difficult to find in the wilds of Scotland.

And Ned. Ned was twenty. He was just starting to find his way with the ton. He’d made some friends—decent fellows. He’d even been receiving invitations to game at White’s.

The two of them—the normal two—deserved better than being lumped in with the rest.

He whacked at a rosebud as he passed. It exploded into a flutter of petals. He refused to feel any sympathy.

He couldn’t send them packing.

Then what?

Hell. He was a duke of the realm. He had six houses spread throughout the empire. Why hadn’t he thought to purchase a spare in London?


That was brilliant.

He would. He’d buy them their own house. Move them all, lock stock and—well, maybe not the barrels, as the older boys did like to drink. He’d move them all into their own domicile.

With Aunt Hortense. Let her manage them.

His life would once again be orderly. He would be the master of his own abode. Free to pursue the life of a wealthy dilettante.


He rounded the bend with a satisfied smile on his face. The trickle of the fountain in the pond was a balm to his tormented soul. Birds sang in the trees. The sun—well, it almost shone. It was a beautiful day.

Soon, the world would be right again.

Soon, they would all be gone.

He skipped up the steps of the folly with a lightness of heart he hadn’t felt in ages. A book on the bench snagged his attention and his mood dipped, but only a bit. Someone had been here. But they were gone.

He picked it up and flipped through it and stilled.

Good God.

It was a sketch book.

The first page was an attempt at this scene. The flowers and trees, the pond and the little fountain. Not very good. But the second arrested his attention. It was a simple line drawing of Violet. And it was stunning. The artist had managed to depict her beauty, but also captured that glint in her eye, the particular quirk of her lips. Her soul.

The next sketch was one of Ned, showing a brash young man, standing insouciantly with his hands shoved into his pockets, whistling a silent tune. The next was of the twins—whatever their names were—dark heads together plotting some manner of mayhem.

It was so realistic Edward expected them to leap from the page and whack him with a cricket bat.

But it was the last sketch in the book that stole his breath. It was a portrait, in profile. His own face. But not an Edward he would ever recognize. This man was heroic, tragic, a solitary soldier. It was only a few lines drawn in charcoal, but it revealed so much about him. Things he didn’t want anyone to ever know.

It was horrifying. And remarkable.

“Your Grace.”

He snapped the book shut and spun around.

Of course. What’s her name. The girl. The owl. From last night.

“Oh, you found it.” She stepped into the folly and took the book from his hands. He did not know why he let it go.

“You left it here.” An accusation. Really? He hadn’t intended for it to come out like that.

She chuckled. “I had to go rescue Hamish. I was coming back.”

“What…why did you have to rescue Hamish?” This was her work? She saw him like that? And hell, she was a damn fine hand. How he would love to turn such talent to…darker purposes. What a pity she was such a prude. The kind of work he could offer her would make her rich—rich enough to quit serving as Violet’s companion.

But she would never do it. No decent woman would.

He must be crazed, truly crazed, to even think on it.

The gripping sketch of his wounded countenance lingered in his brain. If she could do that, if she could see through to his soul and bring it to life on paper—

“And then he got stuck. In the tree. So I had to rescue him.”

Lord. She’d been talking. He’d missed the entire explanation. No matter. The question had been purely rhetorical.

“How long have you been drawing?”

She winced, clutched the book to her breast. He recalled what fine breasts they were. “I… What?”

“How long have you been drawing? You’re quite good.”

“You looked at my book?” She squawked as though he’d just admitted to peering up her skirts. The lemony face returned. A beetled brow and pursed lips. It was, upon reflection, rather adorable.

“It was lying here.”

“You shouldn’t look at someone’s sketchbook.”

“You shouldn’t leave it where it can be found.” He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned at her. Damn, he loved her accent.

She sputtered. “I told you. Hamish and Tay—”


“Taylor. Hamish and Taylor were building a fort in a tree—”

“Yes. Yes. I know. You had to rescue him. Tell me, have they always been this much trouble?”

She blew out a breath. “You have no idea.”

They both laughed. It was a nice moment, because it seemed, for that brief flash of time, they were friends, bound in mutual misery.

And then he went and ruined it by letting his lust intrude. “So tell me, what did you think of that book?”

She tipped her head. “What book?”

“The one I gave you last night.”

She blinked several times, as though she had to try very hard to remember. “Oh. That book. I didn’t read it.”

He stepped closer. “Ah. You like to look at the pictures, then?” He knew the sort.

“Look at the… What? No, your Grace—”

“Edward.” He infused his voice with a low thrum.

Your Grace. I didn’t have a chance to open it.”

Why petulance curled within him, he had no clue. “What do you mean you didn’t have a chance to open it?” She was supposed to have read it. Or at least looked at the pictures. She was supposed to be gazing at him, right now, with a dewy look.

She brushed an invisible speck from her skirt. “There was…a distraction.”

Well hell. “What kind of distraction?”

Her lips pursed. The look she shot him was not dewy in the slightest.

Still, he wanted to kiss her.

He wasn’t sure why. She was certainly not the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. But her face had character and charm—especially when she smiled. Her figure was full—the way he liked them—but she didn’t show it off to its best effect. In fact, if he hadn’t known what lay beneath the thick layers of crinoline and bombazine, he would have been fooled. She was prickly as a hedgehog and smacked him down at every turn.

So why did he want to pull her into his arms and smother her mouth with his?

Perhaps because of all those things.

Then again, perhaps just because.

So he did.

He took the girl—whose name he could not remember, whose face he could not forget—into his arms and kissed her. It was a gentle buss, as kisses went, but extremely sublime. Because he’d surprised her.

Her lips were open, as though poised to speak. He took full advantage, sweeping in his tongue to dab at hers, nibbling and licking and tasting her sweet breath.

The prick at his side was not a surprise. He’d expected it.

He lifted his head and stared down into her eyes. Her expression was dazed and determined and perhaps a little dewy. “Not this time, darling,” he murmured. He took the knife from her hand and tossed it aside and then pulled her more fully against him.

And ah. She was soft. Sweet. Her breasts pressed against his chest. Her hips molded the cradle of his groin. Of course, he was the one doing the molding, but she didn’t fight him.

No. She sighed and tipped her head to the side so he could deepen the kiss. She tasted like ambrosia. A tantalizing flavor of cinnamon and woman and surrender. His ardor rose, and with it, his cock. He rubbed it against her belly.

She stiffened and tried to push away, muttering something into his mouth that sounded like “No.”

He changed his tack, running his lips down her cheek and along the line of her jaw to nestle in the crook of her neck. She shuddered. Some groan-like sound emanated from her throat. She clutched at his hair.

Thusly encouraged, he sucked at the tender skin of her neck. Nipped.

“Oh! Saints preserve us,” she whispered.

“The saints don’t care,” he responded, switching to the other side of her neck. He found a spot that delighted her even more and feasted there. In her distraction, she didn’t stop the palm skimming over her ribs to cup a breast.

He encased her. Ah. Exquisite. Full and round and pliable. He thumbed a nipple, testing its rigidity. She dipped as her knees gave way. He caught her. Swung her up in his arms and carried her to the bench.

From long experience, he knew better than to give a woman a moment to think. So as soon as he had her settled across his lap and firmly braced against the wall of the folly, he kissed her again. With one hand, he stroked her nipples while with the other, he slowly drew up her skirts.


What People are Saying About Dark Duke

“This book was freaking phenomenal…I absolutely loved every part of it. Dark Duke is a must read if you love historical with a little BDSM thrown in. Get ready to laugh and drool until the very last page.’’ –The To Be Read List

“If you haven’t dipped your toes into the joy of Sabrina York’s regency-era erotic romances, and you want a little more than just a blushing virginal bride, this is the series that you will need to dive into.” –Gaele, Amazon Reviewer

“I swear one second I’m fanning myself and checking my Kindle for scorch marks and the next I’m laughing out loud.” –Riverina Romantics

“An amazingly entertaining romp.” –PansyPetal, Amazon Reviewer



DARK DUKE: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Duke-3-Noble-Passions-ebook/dp/B00ID8MAJU/ref=la_B00856PDEO_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394227536&sr=1-10


Sabrina_head_logoNow give us your author bio and website/social media links.

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York is the award winning author of over 20 hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy erotic romance to scorching BDSM. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser Book: http://sabrinayork.com/home-2/sabrina-yorks-teaser-book/ And don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!


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Books by Sabrina York
A Cowboy for Delilah (Erotic Contemporary for the Cowboy Heat Anthology, Cleis Press)
Adam’s Obsession (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)
Dark Duke (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave) —Coming soon
Brigand (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave) —Coming soon
Dark Fancy (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave)
Devlin’s Dare: A Tryst island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)
Dragonfly Kisses: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)
Extreme Couponing (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)
Fierce (One Night Stand, Decadent Publishing)
Five Alarm Fire (Erotic Contemporary for the High Octane Heroes Anthology, Cleis Press)
Folly (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave)
Heart of Ash: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)
Lust Eternal (Erotic Fantasy, Ellora’s Cave)
Pushing Her Buttons (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)
Making Over Maris (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)
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Rebound: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary, Available on Amazon)
Rebound is now available on Smashwords
Rising Green (Erotic Horror, Ellora’s Cave)
Saving Charlotte (Erotic Contemporary for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen Anthology, Cleis Press)
Smoking Holt: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)
Training Tess (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)
Trickery (Erotic Contemporary with Magical Elements, Ellora’s Cave Hex Line)
Tristan’s Temptation (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)


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