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The House on Hundred Hill

Excerpt from The House on Hundred Hill:

He hadn’t wanted them to go, yet he most definitely had not wanted them to stay. His restlessness was evident, even to them, the friends he had chosen because of the dark obscurity he sensed within their souls. Of all humankind, their indifference angered him the least and provided him with something that passed for company. Whether or not they realised they had a choice, they indeed chose to harness their own internal darkness and were not afraid to step into the shadows of the night to satiate their hunger. They were brought together by the most powerful common denominator known to humankind.

Soon his solitude would be just a distant fading memory. That is, if his brother didn’t fail him.

Draven rested a strong smooth hand on the bonnet on of his Jaguar. “Sorry old girl,” he muttered as he patted the cool green metal of a car that he had loved for the last thirty years. To love something of manmade elements almost brought him comfort and reminded him of his own sense of fleeting humanity. The perfectly polished bonnet seemed to weep under his touch, and he was sure it knew it was soon to be replaced. His sights were set on a new prize; a great indulgence that he begun to think was impossible to capture. It was so close he could taste it, but it wasn’t ready yet.

She needed to be polished.

Draven escaped to his memories as they flooded back to his early childhood when he had stood as a small boy, in this very spot, looking up at the old house and wondering what treasures where hidden within the large dusty rooms. The excitement he had felt all those years ago came rushing back like a raging river and wholly consumed him. He could smell it in the air, the scent of passing years and human failure.

To an energetic ten year old, even a half-breed like himself, the house was full of undiscovered mystery, much like the moon above him now. It had been sleeping for twenty years before they had moved there, gracefully resting atop the Hundred Hill, in the very depths of the English countryside, just waiting for the perfect family to swing open the wooden framed windows, pull up the blinds and allow the rays of warmth to gently caress it back to life.

But they were far from the perfect family.


The House on Hundred Hill: The Nephilim Book One – Blurb

Jessica Rylan has spent her entire life trying to fit in, despite feeling deep down that she doesn’t quite belong.  A slave to passions that she doesn’t quite understand, she does her best to simply ignore her burgeoning sensuality. Little does Jessica realise that a seemingly chance encounter with the handsome Nate Black will turn her world upside down.

All it takes is one garden party invitation to pull her into an ancient struggle, one where she must place her trust in Nate and his mysterious brother Draven to survive.   As Jessica becomes seduced by the ancient and mystical world of the Nephilim, she finally begins to understand her own dark desires.  Because Draven Black is searching for something… Something only Jessica can provide.

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Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/House-Hundred-Hill-Nephilim-ebook/dp/B005ME377C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317456926&sr=8-1


The House on Hundred Hill will also be available to purchase soon on:

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Jemima ValentinoAuthor Bio – Jemima Valentino

Jemima Valentino is an English 30-something; married to an excessively patient man with two beautiful daughters and an excitable cross-bred mutt called Eddie. She is also a writer of dark paranormal romance, BDSM erotica and modern fiction.

Jemima fell in love with reading and writing as a child but it was only in 2009 that writing became an obsession. After months of procrastination and plucking up the courage, she published ‘His Elle’ in January 2011 and now has a full blown desire to continue writing.

Author Links:

Website – http://www.jemimavalentino.com

Blog – http://www.jemimavalentino.blogspot.com

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/JemimaValentino

Facebook Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jemima-Valentino-Author/232810170090039


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    Also congrats on your new release too!! I hope it’s amazingly successful for you.

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