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Hello Friends and Fellow Perverts!

It’s your friendly, neighborhood smut-peddler Tiffany Reisz here guesting on Miss Lucy’s blog. I asked on Twitter what I should talk about today. One of my followers suggested the traditional, “Where do you get your ideas?” A great question with a simple answer.

I steal them.

Immersed in PleasureTake my new Spice Brief IMMERSED IN PLEASURE (and by “take it” I mean “buy it.”). This story is an erotic retelling of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Yes, you read that right. I decided to take elements from the Disney version of famous fairy tale and make it a modern-day erotic romance. These are the ideas that come to me when I spend too much time in the shower while listening to Disney compilation albums.

Updating and remaking The Little Mermaid took some doing. First of all, I moved the setting. Instead of the ocean, the story now takes place at Fathoms, a nightclub that caters to the wealthy and powerful. Instead of real mermaids with fishtails, I made my nightclub mermaids all virgins with intact hymens. They are required by the job to remain virginal. Instead of Prince Eric, I have Derek Prince, a well-to-do attorney looking for true love. Instead of Ariel, I have Xenia, a young woman who has spent the last three years working at Fathoms and hiding from the daylight world and the pressures of adulthood. My wicked Frenchman Kingsley Edge makes a cameo as the sea-king. A bitter ex-mermaid/bartender named Urs is my sea witch out to thwart Xenia and Derek’s relationship.

And of course, like the Disney film, the book comes complete with a happily ever after.

Unlike the Disney film, my version includes copious amounts of smut.

Stealing a plot is just that easy. Think of a story, a fairy tale, a myth and then let your imagination run riot.

But you didn’t come here so I could ramble on about plot construction. You’re here for smut. So here’s an excerpt from IMMERSED IN PLEASURE from a scene where Prince Derek, I mean, Derek Prince discovers one of the many benefits of being a Manhattan Mermaid.


At first Derek thought it was an ordinary massage.  With all the time the women spent in the water, Derek imagined they’d require an intensive skin-care regimen.  But soon the rather perfunctory massage turned intimate as the masseur pushed apart Alanna’s legs and rubbed high on her inner thighs. Sighing blissfully, she opened her legs even wider.  The young man reached between her thighs and spread apart the folds of her vagina…

            The man moved his fingers higher and began tracing tight circles around the mermaid’s clitoris.  She closed her eyes, raised her hips slightly and after a few minutes of the masseur’s ministrations, she came with a flinch and a gasp.  At no point during the procedure had he penetrated her in any way.  Yet the look on her face indicated a very happy mermaid who’d just had a spectacularly strong orgasm…

            Alanna, rolled off the table, picked up her towel, and strolled out of the studio. On her way out, she patted Derek on the cheek and kept walking. Just another day at the office.

Available from Amazon UK (pre-order) & Amazon US.


Tiffany Reisz is the author of SEVEN DAY LOAN and IMMERSED IN PLEASURE. Her debut full-length novel THE SIREN comes out in August from MIRA Books. When not singing along to Disney compilation albums in the shower, she can be found on Twitter (@tiffanyreisz). She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with two cats and her boyfriend who really needs to come to bed because she’s totally in the mood right now.

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  1. lexcade

    March 6, 2012 at 12:27 am

    I love you & your smut. Can’t wait to read this one!

  2. Lucy Felthouse

    March 6, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Me either – though it’s not available in the UK yet. Boo! 🙁