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I’m a Voyeur by Victoria Blisse

As a reader of erotic romance I count myself as a literary voyeur. I like to sit in the shadows and watch a person’s life unfold before me. I enjoy seeing the intimate moments wherever they might happen with no fear of being seen and reprimanded for watching what I shouldn’t.

So when the Wednesday Briefs gang decided to come up with some hot and steamy anthologies to showcase our slightly bigger briefs -that’s 3k short stories folks before your minds disappear elsewhere- the first theme we picked was voyeurism.

It’s a theme that has inspired a great variety of responses from our authors, 14 completely different stories in two anthologies in fact. All about people watching other people enjoying themselves. A lot.

Wicked Watchers: The Pursuit of PleasureHere’s the blurb for my story in Wicked Watchers: Pursuit of Pleasure:

What’s in the Box

The things one does for siblings! Two sisters attend a performance, but the attention of one wanders, and she discovers that there are far more interesting happenings then what is going on up on the stage. Should she reveal herself, or simply keep watching the private show?


And now the excerpt:

I squirm in my seat as he runs his lips down to her neck. His hands grip her tits, his thumbs brush her nipples. There seems to be a whispered interlude and he sits in one of the old plastic chairs. The lady turns, her red curls bobbing up and down with the movement as she seductively hitches up her skirt. She’s wearing stockings; I can see the darker black stripe around her thigh. I wish I was as confident in my curves as she obviously is in hers. She sways sexily from side to side as she moves backwards. I cannot tell, but I’m sure his gaze will be fixed on her arse. I bet he’s desperate for her to sit in his lap.

Laughter rings around the auditorium. I look towards the stage for the moment and join in with a light giggle.

“Great show, isn’t it?” Janice whispers, not looking my way even for a second.

“Oh, yeah,” I reply enthusiastically, even though I know the show I’m enjoying isn’t the same one she’s talking about. I know that I should look to the stage. I really should try and pay attention so I can converse with my sister on our walk back to the train station, but I can’t because I need to know what’s happening in the box.
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Wicked Watchers: Looking at the LadsWicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads M/M anthology links:

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Do you enjoy stories of people watching? Give me your views in a comment on this post and one commenter will win a copy of Restoration. I will contact the winner on 31st March 2012 and send them their prize!

Thanks for hosting me, Lucy!

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  1. PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

    March 29, 2012 at 5:01 am

    Hello Victoria & Lucy,

    Thank you Lucy for hosting Victoria Blisse on your Blog today & Thank You to Victoria for taking the time out of your day to spend with Readers. I really enjoyed your Guest Post, “I’m a Voyeur by Victoria Blisse”, I found it quite intriguing 😉

    This is why I just LOVE reading Erotic Fiction so much, as Readers we get to be Voyeurs through the incredibly impressive, imaginative minds of Fantastic Authors, like yourself & Lucy. We get to live our Ultimate Fantasies & Desires, getting lost in the wonderfully sexy, romantic, not to mention HOT, erotic worlds that are created for us. The Ultimate is Voyeurism 😉 & Ohhhh how thankful Readers are for this, I know I am. 😉

    I just Love your posted Blurb for your story in Wicked Watchers: Pursuit of Pleasure: “What’s in the Box”, Very HOT & what a Teaser!!!!! Definittely have to pick up these 2 Anthologies…& I just LOVE M/M Erotic Fiction, so I cannnot wait to get my hands on Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads M/M Anthology. Hmmmmm does these Books come with a Fan to cool ourselves off with. 😉 LOL

    I went to your website Victoria & read the Blurb & Excerpt for “Restoration”. OMG talk about fanning one’s self, that was down right drool-worthy!!! Whewwww!!! The heat just got turned UP in here!!!Museum Restorer Theresa was sure having a REALLY good time fascinating about her erotic obsession, an Ancient Roman Statue of Priapus that has recently come into her care. WOW!!!! I’d really love to read this book!!!

    I would very much like to be considered in your giveaway to win a copy of your book, “Restoration”. Thank You!

    Take Care Ladies & Best Wishes to You Both,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)