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Adrianna TaylorMost people would consider what I do for a living weird, taboo and certainly not the norm. I suppose I have grown used to people’s fetishes, as it’s something they need to relax and relinquish control.

I mostly get what I would consider ‘run of the mill’ requests that, for me, are easily forgettable. Like spanking and caning strangers’ naked bottoms. But for me, this is all in a day’s work. But there are times when I get a request that dumfounds even me. Perhaps because I can’t understand the turn-on factor, or why someone would even consider and actively seek out someone to fulfil it.

Out of the many very weird sessions, I have been involved in over the years, I think that the strangest ones I experienced were to do with my client being an adult baby. Some men wanted to be treated like babies, as something was lacking in their childhood, and they wanted to live it as an adult, in a kinky way.  The psychology of this is very deep-rooted in their character.

The one that really stuck in my mind started with an email from a middle-aged man who introduced himself politely, stating his occupation, and how long he had been in the scene. This happens with some clients.

After a marathon of email tennis, he emailed what even I, who is certainly not the average person, considered weird. He seemed to have a crush on cute, fresh-faced pop star Justin Bieber, and wanted to be dressed up in a baby-grow and listen to the song “Baby”, while rolling around on a play mat. But like a few clients, he was a no-show when it came to the session.

The Story of ControlBut also, I did have a visit from a very well-prepared client who had left nothing to chance. He brought an army bag full of outfits he enjoyed for being an adult baby. These included dummies, PVC bonnets and outfits, and plastic and silky nappies. He wanted to parade and roll around on my rug, kicking and screaming, and wanting to be punished for his bad behaviour. He wanted me to put a dummy in his mouth every time he made a noise, and wanted me to dress him while he made it hard, making his limbs stiff and being uncooperative like a young child would be if they did not want to do something. Which added to my annoyance when punishing him by spanking his bottom. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with soiled nappies, as that would have been a no-no. But I did find it usual how someone could be so devoted to their fetish that they spent what looked like hundreds of pounds-worth of PVC and sissy paraphernalia.

I would certainly consider this to be couple of the most bizarre experience I have dealt with, but at least the client was happy, which is ultimately what my job is about.


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