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The TeaseJohn the Rock-Doctor writes…

‘Alexis and I were keen to explore a series of fairly ‘edgy’ erotic scenarios, built around the adventures of a ‘nice but naughty’ young lady who finds herself caught up in a gangland world of assassins, aphrodisiac drugs and sun-soaked beaches.  I’ve drawn on my background in motorcycle clubs and the international oil industry to provide our heroine with a series of perilous but fairly realistic scenarios in which she can enjoy close encounters with a plethora of dangerous, lustful admirers. I don’t actually know that many violent lesbian gang leaders or sex-crazed fashion photographers, so Alexis and I had a great time dreaming them up and pitting them against poor Sarah-Jane and her helpful (if amorous) girl-friend Maria, with the occasional assistance of Maria’s cousin, the professional assassin Misha Mashal.

‘Sarah-Jane and the other leading ladies – Brazilian beach-beauty Latte and stuck-up tease Jessica – are largely based on the clients Alexis meets in her work (she’s a consultant beautician, pampering the wealthy ladies of Manchester).  Alexis has complete editorial control over everything that befalls Sarah-Jane and her lingerie-model colleagues in our stories, so I know these tales please at least one (highly important) member of the audience…

‘Sarah-Jane is secretly something of an exhibitionist, who finds that working for her Aunt’s fashion business as a part-time lingerie model provides her with fun opportunities to tease her admirers, beginning with her Aunt’s dodgy pal George.  Sarah-Jane is befriended by Basque lesbian Maria, newly out of the closet and obsessed with Sarah-Jane’s cheeky blonde good looks.  Maria loves to watch Sarah-Jane showing off to her male admirers and is delighted when cousin Misha invites them both to assist him in his role as a professional assassin, by luring his unsuspecting victims to their deaths.  This takes them to northern Spain, the Caribbean and Rio in the first book (The Tease).  I’ve spent a while in all of these locations, so it was easy to add local colour to the story. I think it’s important to make the fantasy as realistic as possible, and Alexis agrees that the end result is compelling – she keeps on coming back for more!

‘The second book in the series (the Temptress) is longer and a bit darker than the first, with Sarah-Jane meeting a wicked Brazilian witch (Druz, the ‘obeah’-woman of Rio de Janeiro).  Much of the plot revolves around the erotic spells of the obeah, drawing Sarah-Jane back to a strange, magical tree in the centre of Rio’s botanical gardens. We also meet Jessica, an arrogant rival model, who is seduced into joining the ‘Elite’, a specialist escort service developed by Sarah-Jane’s wicked Aunt.  This leads into the main story-line in the third Sarah-Jane novel, which is still being written…’

‘The writing’s been driven by Alexis demanding sexy new scenarios every time we meet – which is less often than I’d like, although that does give me enough time to come up with the goods!  As a result we’ve produced two fair-sized novels with a third in the pipeline. Editing and polishing the end product for publication has mainly been my task.  I write for a living anyway, having published articles and a book in my full-time work, so it’s been a pleasure.

‘Friends who’ve read the Sarah-Jane stories have encouraged us to make them available to a wider audience.  So here they are… and as Alexis says, we can’t expect everyone to share her fantasies, but we certainly hope plenty of you will enjoy reading about them!’

You can contact John and Alexis through the web-site thesecretsofsarah-jane.com – we’d welcome suggestions for further stories in the series!



Sarah-Jane Winchester has it all – a wonderful job as a top lingerie model, and no annoying male attachments. But Sarah – Sally to her friends – blows it big time when her guardian Aunt catches her in bed with Uncle Steven, and packs her off to a strict finishing school. Sarah-Jane and her amorous friend Maria soon escape into a new life of sexy adventures with Maria’s cousin, the professional assassin Misha Mashal. But one hit too many leaves Sarah-Jane in the clutches of the dreaded Chacals motorcycle gang in Rio de Janeiro. Only Maria can save her girlfriend from life as a biker’s porn slave – but does Sarah-Jane really want her to..?

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The Secrets of Sarah-Jane
series The Temptress and The Tease are now available to download online at amazon.co.uk exclusively. Upcoming title in the series, The Secrets of Sarah-Jane: 3 The Elite will be available for download later this year. For more information, please visit thesecretsofsarah-jane.com. The Temptress


Author bio:

Alexis Trevelyan is a professional beautician working for a major consultancy based in Manchester. When not working, she dreams of erotic adventures and excitement. Alexis writes in collaboration with her casual play-mate, John the “Rock-Doctor”, who works in the oil industry and who can also be found burning rubber on his motorbike and playing the drums in the rock and blues scene.

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