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First I want to thank my fellow Wickedly Sexy Writer, Lucy, for having me on her blog today!

Today I am visiting to share with you all my new Christmas book, Rudolf & Dancer, which is part of the Reindeer Games anthology between the Wickedly Sexy Writers. It was a complete pleasure working with these ladies on these stories and I couldn’t be more excited to show you my little piece of this great set of stories!

OMG how annoying is Christmas music. Okay well you might not think so but for me they start playing it way too early and WAY too much. There are a few songs I like to hear at Christmas like Where Are You Christmas by Faith Hill, Baby It’s Cold Out Side by Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, and White Christmas by just about anyone. But that doesn’t mean I want to hear them over and over again until my brain goes numb with holiday cheer.

No I am not the Grinch, although I love the movie, I just think they could maybe tone it down a little bit to maybe just playing it the week of Christmas. Like right now I have Rudolf the rednosed reindeer stuck in my head. Now I must say that it is only stuck there because of my story and writing so many blog posts lol.

What do you think? Am I completely nuts or do they play it way too much?

Make sure you check out my story, Rudolf & Dancer, coming December 17, 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing.

sexy noel sleeping in a barnBlurb:

After years away from home, her brother’s freak accident brings Donna Dancer home to the man who broke her heart. Time hasn’t diminished the lust and love, and emotions can’t be denied. Donna is sick of playing reindeer games with her mate, Paul Rudolf, but there are only so many rejections a girl can take.

It takes a dedicated man to lead the group of reindeer shifters responsible for bringing joy to millions of children, and Paul takes his job very seriously. Women were nothing more than a distraction he doesn’t need, but he now finds himself feeling lonely and hating the job he’s loved for so long. Rejecting Donna was the one decision he regrets more and more with each passing day.

Will this Christmas be as lonely as the rest? Or will Paul and Donna finally find holiday bliss in each others arms.


“You’ve been gone an awfully long time, sweet pea. We honestly didn’t know if you would say yes.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I just…”

“I know, honey. Just don’t go away that long ever again. Okay?”

“I promise.”

Donna looked around, searching from one face to another, trying to keep her gaze casual as she scanned the crowd for the only other man she desperately wanted to see.

One face blurred into another as she took the crowd in at a slow pace. After a few minutes of searching, she almost gave up. Then, she locked gazes with the one man who held her heart. The world shifted, causing her to stand uneasy on her feet. An overwhelming need to shift and run took over her body as she dropped her gaze from his eyes and handed her bag to her mother, giving her an ‘I need to get away’ look.

Without another word, she turned her back to the crowd and sprinted toward the woods behind the house. Her deer half wanted to run as much as her human half did, and just like every other time she was in her mate’s presence, she lost complete control and could only give in to what her body and soul needed.

Ditching her dress on a limb just outside the tree line, Donna let the change come over her swiftly. Muscles burned and bones reshaped as Donna went from human to deer. When the transformation was complete and she was standing at the forest’s edge, Donna opened her eyes and took in the cabin and people as they milled around. Kids played with each other at the waters edge while parents watched closely from where they visited, not far away.

Once upon a time, she envisioned herself doing that very thing with children of her very own. Without a mate, that future was impossible and it tore her up inside, knowing she wouldn’t ever have that happiness.

With one last look at the party, she turned and sprinted through the forest. She didn’t know where she was going but anywhere was better than here right now. The pain in her heart was almost too much to bear. But in the end, she loved Paul with her entire being, and if he’d have her, she would gladly forget all the heartbreak and spend forever in his arms.

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