Guest Blogger: Nicole Gestalt

I’m delighted to introduce Nicole Gestalt, who contributed an excellent Africa-themed story to Smut Alfresco, and she’s dishing the dirt here: 


When it came to submitting to Smut Alfresco, I already had the perfect story written, it just needed a few tweaks here and there and all was good. I love animals, so much that recently I retrained to work with animals, although that has been put on hold whilst I focus on my writing. As part of my retraining I worked in a zoo and animals were very much at the forefront of my mind, I started working on a story that became When The Rains Come.

Of course the difference between the zoo I worked in and the animal reserve in the story apart from the types of animals (I worked with birds, in the story they work with various big cats) is that it isn’t raining! For a week we had rain every day which isn’t an issue, until you find yourself washing out areas in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm so despite the mantra ‘write what you know’ I decided to write about a centre where it wasn’t raining every five seconds and picked the savannah of Africa as my destination.

Once I had the place and the animals, then the people popped into my head and before long I had a fully formed story and one I am very happy to have in Smut Alfresco.

In this little excerpt Kim and Matt are discussing the dire situation they currently find themselves in.

“All done for the moment. The cheetah was a bit reluctant to take her medicine but a little coaxing and some fresh meat persuaded her to do so in the end.” Matt’s voice cut through the silence of the room. Sitting up with a start Kim blinked, phone still in her hand. Matt’s laughter reached her.

“You fell asleep didn’t you?”

Her thoughts were muggy as she tried to think. Dream and reality mixed as she straightened her hat. Her whole body felt like a bolt of electricity had been shot through it. Her trembling increased as more of the dream she had been having become clear.

“I closed my eyes for a moment. Still no reply from Davies. I haven’t been asleep for long I don’t think.” She kept her back to him as images of her dream hit her one after another.

“Dream anything interesting?”

Inwardly she groaned; he knew her too well.

“Oh, just of water, swimming pools, vast lakes and cool, crystal clear seas.”

And both of us naked writhing with one another. She stopped herself before she spoke those words. She didn’t want to tell him the full nature of it. Not that she was ashamed, but she didn’t want to upset the working relationship they had.


Nicole Gestalt has been writing erotica for many years. When Nicole is not writing she loves spending her time with her partner, walking and drinking lots of mocha’s, particularly if they have whipped cream on top. Nicole loves hearing from her readers and can be found at http://www.nicolegestalt.blogspot.com


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