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I’m kicking off the An A to Z of Love blog tour by talking about falling in love with your best friend.

Because, isn’t that what every romantic heroine – heck, every person – wants? To fall in love with someone who can be their best friend, lover and confidant all at once?

But what if your perfect person is already your best friend? And what if, by the time you realise it, it might already be too late?

That’s the problem the heroine of my latest book, Mia Page, faces.

Mia’s been the subject of gossip in the seaside town of Aberarian for half her life, ever since her father ran off with his secretary – and the contents of the town museum safe – when she was fourteen. But Mia loves her hometown; loves working at the A to Z shop, eating seafood with her best friend Charlie at his restaurant, and catching the classic midnight movie at the crumbling Coliseum cinema. And wondering if one day Charlie might be more than a friend.

But everything she loves is suddenly under threat from Charlie’s ex girlfriend, Becky, and her scheme to turn Mia’s beloved Coliseum into a casino. And her plans to try and win Charlie back…



Ditsy asked, “Now, what are you going to do with your free afternoon?”

“I can stay, if you like,” Mia offered. Ditsy did look tired after her morning’s exertions.

“Not at all. Not a word of it,” Ditsy said. “It’s your afternoon off. And it might be your last chance before the summer rush starts. So, tell me, what have you got planned?”

The summer rush, Mia feared, grew less rushlike by the year. Last summer had been more of an amble. She sighed. “Nothing much. Although I did have some ideas about a large bar of chocolate and an Agatha Christie.”

Ditsy looked scandalized. “An attractive young thing like yourself, with no plans for an afternoon off? Nobody whisking you off for a romantic walk on the beach? Or champagne cocktails at the Grand? What will become of you?”

“I’m meeting Charlie for a tasting and the cinema tonight, if that’s any better,” Mia tried.

“Charlie doesn’t count.” Ditsy’s expression turned suspicious. “Unless there’s something you haven’t been telling me. You haven’t finally persuaded that handsome young man to break his vow of celibacy?”

The excitement in Ditsy’s eyes at the prospect was profoundly disturbing. “He’s a chef, not a priest, Ditsy. And it’s not a vow, as such. It’s understandable he’s reluctant to get into another relationship after Becky.” She gave Ditsy a meaningful look, and the older woman looked suitably sheepish as she remembered exactly whose niece it was who had brought Charlie to town to start a new life then left him there alone with a restaurant, a fallen-down cottage and a broken heart. Not to mention the ways she’d made Mia’s life hell when they were teenagers.

“Besides, Charlie and I are just friends.” Mia quashed down the small part of her that sometimes–very occasionally, mind–wondered what would happen if that wasn’t the case.

“Which is my point!” Ditsy said, raising a finger in triumph. “When are you going to find someone who isn’t just a friend?”

“In Aberarian? Probably never.” Mia sighed. She loved her hometown and had fought hard to stay there despite the decline in business, the gossips and the jellyfish. But it wasn’t exactly bursting at the seams with eligible bachelors. Which was another thing. She didn’t want Charlie–or anyone else for that matter–to fall into a relationship with her through lack of alternative options. She was worth a little more than that, thank you.


An A to Z of LoveEveryone’s talking about Mia Page. Again.

Mia Page has been the subject of gossip in Aberarian for half her life, ever since her father ran off with his secretary–and the contents of the local museum safe–when she was fourteen.

Still, Mia loves her hometown, loves working at the A to Z shop, eating seafood with her best friend Charlie at his restaurant, catching the classic midnight movie at the crumbling Coliseum cinema. And if she ever wonders if things might be even better if Charlie were more than just a friend, well, it’s only an idle thought in a lonely moment. After all, friendship always trumps romance, doesn’t it? And she’s never been one to rock the boat.

But everything she loves is suddenly under threat from Charlie’s ex- girlfriend, Becky, and her plans to turn Mia’s beloved Coliseum into a casino, transforming the sleepy seaside town forever. As Mia tries to pull the people of Aberarian together to save the town they adore, she starts to find her own place in the community, a family of sorts, and maybe even love. Until her father suddenly reappears, and people start asking what he wants to take from them this time…

WARNING: Some sexual scenes. Also contains seafood.


Sophie PembrokeSophie Pembroke has been writing romance for years, ever since she stayed up all night reading Mills and Boon novels as part of her English degree at Lancaster University. She loves to set her contemporary romance stories in the places she has lived – from the wilds of the Welsh mountains, to the gentile humour of the English country village, or the heat and tension of a London summer. She also has a tendency to make her characters kiss in castles.

Currently, she makes her home in Hertfordshire, with her husband and daughter. She writes love stories in her little spare room office, while drinking too much tea and eating homemade cakes. Or, when things are looking very bad for her heroes and heroines, white wine and dark chocolate.

Sophie keeps a blog at www.SophiePembroke.com, which should be about romance and writing, but is usually about cake and castles instead.



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