Intimate Strangers by Kathleen Lawless (@kathleenlawless) #lovemehard

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Alisha King isn’t afraid of intimacy, or so she manages to convince herself.  After all, she experiences intimacy in a myriad of ways, from viewing the world behind the lens of her camera to a frenzied romp with her favorite vibrator. Focused on her upcoming photography show and finding the perfect subject, suddenly there he is, watching her watching him from across the courtyard of their apartment block.

The jolt through her system is instant, a familiarity that makes no sense.  She knows him, yet she doesn’t.  And trading the safety of her camera for up close and personal with the yummy Doctor Hanson Powers promises to lend a whole new level of intimacy to her photography.

When his sexy neighbor asks to photograph him, Hanson is by turns amused and intrigued.  He isn’t interested in being a photo subject, yet he is curious to know how Alisha will go in the barter system.  A blow job?  More?

Turns out the thing that scares Alisha the most is emotional intimacy.  So they start with the sex and more forward from there.

**Buy Love Me Hard Now: https://books2read.com/lovemehard**


Chapter One

Alisha heard the stirring of the palm fronds as she stepped onto her balcony.  Such a tease, normally a summer breeze implied cooling relief, but not during a California heat wave.  In this instance the breeze only intensified the stifling temperature inside her apartment where the ceiling fan did its creaky best to stir the muggy air.  She pushed her hair away from the back of her neck and held it on top of her head.

The empty swimming pool in the center courtyard of the four-sided apartment complex was another mocking tease.  What a time for the landlord to have the pool repaired.

She flopped into a reclining chair in one corner.  The neighboring balconies were deserted, most residents having the normalcy of a day job.  Typically Alisha spent her days trucking around with her camera looking for the perfect shot for her portfolio.  Except during the heat wave when smart people stayed indoors with the AC unit and there were few photo ops.

Her silk robe fluttered open.  Beneath it she was naked.  Absently she rasped a fingernail across her nipples, one at a time.  They puckered instantly, followed by the familiar sweet rush of heat between her legs.  She sighed as she intensified the pressure on her nipples, fingertips, palms then knuckles.  It felt so good.  The sun on her skin, the flare of inner heat.

Self love outside.  Was there anything better?

She pushed her full breasts together so she could pleasure them both with one hand, fingers spread wide, while her other hand reached between her legs where her clit pulsed demandingly.  Her inner lips were soft and moist and warm.  She moaned softly, then raised her hand to her lips.  Moistening her finger tips she tasted the juices of her own arousal.  Her head lolled from side to side on the recliner as she enjoyed her own sexuality, feeling the pressure slowly build.

Not yet, she breathed softly, don’t come yet.

Hold off, enjoy the sweetness of arousal.

The heated arousal intensified as her clit swelled beneath her fingertip at the same time she rubbed her nipples faster, keeping pace with the caress to her inner lips and delicate pleasure pearl of a clitoris.

She was searching through her memory banks of favorite fantasies when she noticed shadowy movement across the courtyard in the far corner unit.

Was someone there?  Watching her?

She embraced a favorite fantasy, the faceless stranger; a man enjoying the sight of her enjoying herself.  Witness to her wild side.

Their eyes locked.  As he stepped forward, half in shadow, she could see his cock swelling against the front of the towel he wore draped loosely over his hips.  As he leaned forward the towel edges parted and his cock jutted forth proud and big and throbbing deep red.  His hand cupped its diameter, fingers barely meeting.  Slowly, rhythmically he caressed himself.  His hand moved from root to head, lingered at the sensitive spot where head met shaft, the skin pulled tight.  His chest rose and fell.  Watching his pleasure build carried her over the edge.

Her hips bucked and she let out a cry as her orgasm broke.  Pleasure and release washed through her, at the same time he unloaded.

She reclined, eyes closed, one hand pressed against the apex of her thighs.  Heightened sensation slowly receded as the crescendo dissipated and residual warmth flowed through her limbs.  When she opened her eyes, he was still there.

NO!  He was really there!

Not someone she had conjured up in a fantasy, but a real live flesh and blood male watched her.  Her eyes narrowed.  If he thought to send her scuttling inside embarrassed, he had another thing coming.

Instead she sent him a challenging half smile before she ringed her open lips with the tip of her tongue suggestively.  With an acknowledging cock of her head, she dipped her middle finger into her mouth, pulling it slowly in and out.  She watched in delight as his flaccid cock stirred in renewed interest.  Her clit responded with a little dance of its own.

Hmmmm….  She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, indicating she was finished with him.  For now.

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Author Bio:

Kathleen Lawless’s earliest memories are of wanting to be a writer.  To create stories that would touch the lives of others who love to read the way she does.

“I’m working on my 24th novel and it’s amazing to see the changes in traditional publishing, including ebooks and the opportunities writers have to interact with their readers.”  She enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional romance into erotic romance, romantic suspense, women’s fiction and stories for young adults.

She also knows firsthand about happy endings.  “Can you believe I wrote A HARD MAN TO LOVE with a hero named Steele, years before I met my own hero named Steel?  His proposal to me on a remote island in the Caribbean was more romantic than anything I could have written about.”

Her books have garnered rave reviews and numerous awards including Romantic Times K.I.S.S., a Scarlett Letter, and a Golden Quill.

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