Justine Elyot (@justineelyot) Talks Swash and Buckle With Your Slap and Tickle

It’s wonderful to be here with Lucy who, for my money, must surely be in the top ten of hardest working and most energetically inspiring people on the erotica scene. Thanks for having me, Lucy!

Princess in ChainsI’m here to talk about my new fantasy erotic romance, Princess In Chains. It’s book one in a trilogy, and just as well, because I realised pretty soon into writing it that one book wasn’t going to be enough. So when the amazing Elizabeth at Xcite asked if there was any chance of making it a three-book story, I was more than ready to say yes. I’d been having so much fun in this world of my own making that I wanted to spend more time there with the characters.

This book focuses on Princess Leonore of Ystra, and her quest to right a wrong she has done her beloved handmaiden and bosom companion, Asta. This wrong has resulted in Asta’s capture by rebels fighting against their unpopular King. Leonore has quite a task ahead of her – but she is helped by handsome strangers and mysterious charismatic scholars along the way.

I had a fantastic ride writing the story of Leonore’s adventures, and I’m having just as enjoyable one right now, writing a sequel that focuses on some of the other members of the rebel band. If you like a bit of swash and buckle with your slap and tickle, maybe this book’s for you!


Here’s the blurb:

Leonore, heiress to the Kingdom of Ystra, is promised in marriage to Corvin, unpopular monarch of the neighbouring Kingdom of Vala. When their first meeting ends in disaster, she is tempted to take her handmaiden, Asta, out of the castle to sample an evening of common delights in the city – but forces she hasn’t reckoned with are against her, and Leonore finds her destiny taken from her hands.

She must embark on a quest to undo the wrong she has accidentally done, accompanied only by a handsome cooper’s boy and the address of a mysterious alchemist whom, she hopes, will be the key to her success.

But nothing is as it seems, least of all Leonore’s own heart.


The book is available from all ebook retailers, including Waterstones, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Thank you for reading!

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