Nothing To Regret by Rachel de Vine (@racheldevineuk)

Nothing to RegretPublishing Date: March 22, 2019

Published by Rachel de Vine

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Beatrice, fresh from university, is determined to become a writer, but her sheltered life in 1950s England, as a vicar’s daughter, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.

Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, a French resident for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two.

But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Will another man, waiting in the wings, help her to pick up the pieces of her fractured life?

This steamy love affair has an emotional centre that will tug at your heart—and other parts too, as Beatrice travels from innocence to maturity in just a few, short months. But will she achieve her dream of becoming a writer? Or will she return home with a damaged heart?



Sabine kissed me again—a longer kiss this time. Her tongue slid over my lips, as though seeking a way into my mouth. It was such a completely unknown sensation. I opened my lips just a fraction, but it was enough for her tongue to slither between them into my mouth. This must be what lovers do when they’re locked in a clinch, their tongues secretly entwined.

I stiffened a little as I felt Charles’ hand reach under my skirt, sliding it slowly up my thigh. He stopped at the top of my leg, as though giving me time to adjust to its presence—whispering into my ear, as Sabine continued kissing me.

“Don’t be afraid, my darling. You have a beautiful body just waiting to be discovered. Sabine and I want to discover it together. We want to seek out your hollows and your curves—to teach you about making love.”

My floral summer dress had buttons from neckline to waist. Sabine stopped kissing me and slowly began to unfasten the little pearl buttons, until the material gaped open to reveal my white cotton bra. How I wished I owned some more glamorous underwear—of the type I was sure Sabine was wearing.

Charles intervened, clearly anxious to make progress in their joint seduction. He reached down and lifted up the hem of my dress, drawing it over my hips and further up my body, until he could remove it over my head, before dropping it in a heap on the floor. I almost stopped breathing at this point, so great was the intensity of feeling throughout my body. It wasn’t too late to stop them, if that’s what I wanted. But I didn’t want them to stop. I was desperate to step over the chasm between my youth and becoming a woman. I’d never felt as desperate about anything in my entire life. I was excited about stepping into the unknown world of sexual love.

Sabine kissed me again, as Charles unfastened my bra, slid it off my shoulders, and dropped it onto the floor. His warm palms found my breasts and I heard a faint intake of breath from him as his hands covered them, softly massaging and stroking. I shivered, but not with cold. No one had ever touched me like that before. I didn’t know such sensations existed.

I was conscious that my breasts were much smaller than Sabine’s, and regretted my lack of womanly voluptuousness. Would Charles notice and make a comment. Oh, why was my body so girlish? Why didn’t I have a body like Sabine’s? My lack of size didn’t appear to be bothering him however. His hands continued to gently massage my breasts.

I started as I felt Sabine’s hands on either side of my hips slowly begin to slide the top of my knickers downwards from my waist. Charles must have felt my sudden movement, for he nuzzled and kissed my ear, whispering to me.

“Hush, darling, it’s fine, everything’s fine. Relax. Let it all happen. We’ll take care of you.”


About Rachel de Vine:

I have been writing erotic romance as both Rachel de Vine, and Juliette Banks, for about five years. I like to explore the sensuality and sexuality of my characters. I have also written short stories and have just begun to write some poetry, encouraged by the writing group, The Nu Romantics, of which I am a member.

I am British, and love travelling to other countries. I hope to continue doing so for the rest of my life. I also love music, reading, and enjoying my beautiful garden.

Some of my previous books are:

Songbird, by Rachel de Vine

The Artist, by Juliette Banks

Out of the Darkness, by Juliette Banks

Roxy, by Juliette Banks

I also have a short story in the anthology by The Nu Romantics, called Beyond the Last Page

All my books can be seen on my Amazon Author Pages below:



My website is www.racheldevineauthor.com

Find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/racheldevineuk

And www.twitter.com/juliettebanksuk

Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/racheldevinewriteruk

And www.facebook.com/juliettebanksauthor

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