Three Reasons Manchester is a City for Romance by Victoria Blisse (@victoriablisse) #tirgearr

Photo credit: Darren McGinn

Photo credit: Darren McGinn

Why on earth would I write an erotic romance set in Manchester?

Well, I’m practically Mancunian myself and I’m proud of my city. It is beautiful. I talk about a few of its landmarks in One Night in Manchester but I couldn’t fit all the beauty in one novella. When you visit be sure to look up, some of the frontages especially around Piccadilly are breathtaking.

The people are sound. That’s brilliant to anyone not up on their Manc lingo. Caring, fun loving and often up for a chat. People from the north west of England make amazing lovers too you know… No, I have no stats but take it from me, I’m born and bred in the north west 😉

It rains a lot which sounds bad but wet clothes and stripping off can lead to sexy times! Also when the sun is out flesh comes out so we northerners can enjoy it whilst it lasts!

And that’s just 3 reasons Manchester is so awesome! Here’s another – it is home to the best football team in the world (yes, I’m biased), Manchester United. Here’s an excerpt from One Night in Manchester which happens inside the hallowed ground of Old Trafford.



Everywhere we look there are people.

I’ve been to the Theatre of Dreams before, but only ever to look at the merchandise store. I’ve never been here when the huge pathways are covered with people as they are now. The atmosphere is electric with expectation and hope. My whole body tingles with excitement, and not just because Grant’s hand is in mine as we walk past the iconic statue of Sir Matt Busby.

“This place is huge,” I declare, eyes wide with awe.

“Meh, it’s not bad, I suppose.” Grant shrugs.

“Oh, don’t tell me, everything’s bigger in America, eh?”

“That’s correct, Miss Sassy Pants.” Grant grins. “It’s the American way.”

“To be offensively boastful?” I scoff.

He stops suddenly, causing the group of guys behind us to shuffle past giving us sideways glances and huffing loudly. As I look up at Grant, my stomach swirls with nerves. He’s giving me a particularly stern stare.

“That was rude, Jessica.”

“Yeah, I guess it was. Sorry.”

“Sorry what?” he growls. It’s amazing how his soft lilt becomes so hard and threatening and how fucking sexy that is.

“Sorry, Sir.”

“Better. Just be grateful the match starts soon or I’d be taking you off for a spanking. Come on, let’s get to our seats.”

“Yeah, sure.” I walk on with him until we reach our gate. As we queue to go through the turnstile, my anxiety bursts forth. I hate the idea that he’s angry with me. “I didn’t mean to upset you, Grant, I was just teasing.”

“I know, honey. I’m not upset, just taking every opportunity available to add to your punishment tally.” He squeezes my hand.

“Oh, good, I was worried,” I sigh, letting out the upset that had been bubbling up inside, tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. I feel a bit silly for getting so worried over nothing. We push through the turnstile and once we’ve moved away from the hustle and bustle he embraces me.

“If you ever really upset me I’d let you know. I’m just eager to spank you again and will use any excuse to get my hand on your ass.”

“Oh.” I blush and squeeze him tighter. “That’s good because I want to feel your hand on my arse again.”

“Arse,” he mimics and chuckles, then runs his hands down to cup my bottom and moans. “God, I love your arse.”

“Cheeky,” I giggle, not totally opposed to the feel of his hands cupping my buttocks, but very aware of the crowds of people around us.

“You started it. Now stop distracting me and let’s go watch some soccer.”

“Football,” I laugh and pull him towards the steps leading out onto the stands.

“Minx, that’s another spank!” he exclaims.

Any further words are drowned out by a loud cheer as we walk out of the tunnel to the stand. It’s breathtaking. The size, the brightness, the sheer number of people. Down below us is the famous, bright green pitch, dotted with red-shirted figures. My football team right there in front of me.

For a while we’re both totally taken up by the excitement of being inside Old Trafford watching Manchester United. We gabble on like excited teenagers, taking selfies and pointing out the players we love on the pitch. When the whistle blows and the game starts we’re completely absorbed, watching every kick, gasping and moaning and cheering in unison with seventy-five thousand other fans.

We are close enough to the pitch to be able to smell the grass, but far enough back to have to dance to see over other fans’ heads. We’re meant to be seated, but spend most of our time on our feet, only sitting when directed to by the yellow-coated stewards.

“This is amazing,” I whisper into his ear, “Thank you.”

“Isn’t it?” He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me in to a side-on hug. We stand like that for a while, then his hand slides lower to my waist, and lower still to rest casually over my bottom. My breath hitches. There are thousands of people around us and someone could see. But of course, no one is looking at other people in the crowd, they’re straining to see what’s happening on the pitch.



After a flirty online relationship, Grant meets Jessica in Manchester.

He works in TV and he shows Jessica around the set where he’s filming. Their relationship quickly escalates and they have sex…on one of the sets! As things develop, so does their love play. In public places! And a little spanking never really hurt anyone.

Will Jessica be able to say goodbye to Grant when his work is done?

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Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Author and all round Cheeky Wench. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut AlfrescoSmut by the Sea (Vol.1)Smut by the Sea (Vol.2)Smut by the Sea (Vol.3), and Smut in the City Anthologies.

She is the mistress of Smut UK putting on Smut Events, Days & Evenings dedicated to erotica, socializing, fun and prizes. Check out Smut NightsSmut by the Sea: Scarborough, and Smut Manchester for more info.

Born near Manchester, England, her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories along with her own particular brand of humour and romance that bring laughs and warm fuzzies in equal measure.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

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