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bridlingtonWhen I wrote my story, ‘One Scoop or Two?’ for Smut by the Sea vol.1, I decided to set it in Bridlington, a traditional seaside town on the Yorkshire coast of the UK. Now good old ‘Brid’ is a typical English seaside resort just up the road from where I live and not exactly up there as one of the most exotic locations a smutty story has been set in. The thing is Bridlington fitted in so well with the idea for that particular story in which Kayleigh is disappointed when her boyfriend’s promise of a romantic weekend only takes her to Bridlington, though luckily their weekend gets an erotic boost when they get locked inside an ice cream parlour.

Immediately after the book was published I became aware of authors who had either used, or gone off to research, various exciting places for their books and I got very envious. I resolved there and then not to set a story in a place as un-exciting as Brid again. I would set a story in South of France, a Greek Island or the Caribbean and use that as an excuse for that all important and necessary research trip. When the call for submissions for Smut by the Sea vol.3 came out I started scouring the holiday guides for a sun-bursting exotic location that I simply had to visit to ensure my story would have that authentic feel.

So what went wrong? How did I end up writing another story set in Bridlington? The problem was rock pools. I just had the idea of basing a story around rock pools both because I didn’t think that it had been done yet in Smut by the Sea and also because I had personal knowledge of the perfect location. That place was Flamborough Head, just a few miles outside of, yes, you’ve guessed – Bridlington.

Now the rock pools beneath the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head are a remarkable place. I’d been there a few times when it was possible to get down to the shore from the lighthouse car park. Now the coast has eroded quite a bit and that path is blocked off as it’s dangerous (though that doesn’t put Laura, the character in my story, off). When the tide is out you get a huge expanse of rock pools teeming with sea-life. I remember going down there exploring them with my children. It’s an amazing place and you really do feel like you’ve entered into another world, which is just how Laura and Josh feel about it in my story. So, Bridlington and Flamborough Head really were the perfect location for my story.

That’s it though – never again! If there’s a Smut by the Sea vol.4 I’m definitely going to find the most exotic location ever!


Smut by the Sea Vol 3Story Extract

That was the final straw.  Laura stormed off.  She wasn’t going to put up with that.  They could get a taxi to the next stop on their piss-up; she certainly wasn’t going to drive them.  In a furious mood she headed back to the guest house to get out of the ridiculous outfit.  The comments had hit a nerve though.  It really was a while since she’d been with anybody and, when she reflected on it; a year without sex, where had that time gone?

She knew where she’d go; where she often came out to at a weekend when she wanted some time to herself.  Shit, she realised, she’d been doing that way too much recently.  It was her favourite place though; a place where you could lose yourself and reflect on stuff or just get lost in another world.  This was the rock pools at Flamborough Head just a few miles up the coast from Bridlington.  She knew the tide would be going out, she’d already checked before she came out for the weekend, so the conditions would be perfect for a bit of exploring.

It wasn’t long before she got there.  She parked up and collected her fishing net and bucket for collecting and examining specimens.  Walking to the cliff edge she took a furtive look around her to make sure nobody was looking, pulled back the ‘Danger – Crumbling Cliffs’ sign and scrambled down the cliff face.  The clay cliffs were eroding here but it was the one point that afforded some, albeit hazardous, access to the shore.  Ha, health and safety!  She’d done it loads of time before.  And in some ways she didn’t mind; after all, the sign put everybody else off, which meant if you were determined or stupid enough to ignore it, you were guaranteed complete solitude at the most beautiful and absorbing place she knew.

Yes, she know all the facts and figures; the largest chalk reef in Europe, extending six kilometres out to sea, the most extensive kelp forests and some of the most varied and abundant sea life in the country.  But it was more than that.  This was a place where you could lose yourself.

She had soon scrambled down the cliff and stood at the bottom, a tiny figure, dwarfed by the vast chalk cliffs that towered over her.  She breathed in the sea air and already felt revived and invigorated.  The bastards, what a cheek.  That was it, she resolved.  She wasn’t going to hang out with that crowd again.  But she’d forget all that as she stepped carefully across the slimy carpet of seaweed covered rocks taking care to keep her balance.

She walked for a bit to stretch her legs, then after a while crouched down at the side of one of the larger rock pools.  It was like a window into another universe.  The kelp, dark and limpid on the rock surface assumed a life of its own in the rock pool.  The pools were teeming with life.  Laura was lost in her reverie.  The insults from her so-called friends had receded and were forgotten as she lost herself in this alternate world.

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