Mid Week Tease: “I know he can be a bit intimidating, Quentin…” #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m sharing another tease from my MM paranormal erotic romance story, Winning the Campaign Manager, which released on 3rd July. However, this will be the last snippet from this book, as my latest full-length novel, Hiding in Plain Sight, releases tomorrow, so I’m going to be switching over to that for a while.

Winning the Campaign ManagerThere was a click, then the door opened. Quentin Rayworth looked up as Mary Summers re-entered her office.

She smiled and walked over to where he sat to one side of the room. “All right, he’s ready for you. He took some persuading, and I had to lay out a few harsh truths for him, but once he got it, he understood. He’s agreed to work with you, and I’ve told him he’s got to do exactly what you tell him.”

Quentin gulped. He was well aware of what a fantastic opportunity he’d landed in working with Cade Avery, and how good it would be for his career, but he wasn’t at all sure about the idea of telling the man what to do. Quentin had seen him on TV, and he was terrifying. Not only was he almost as wide as he was tall—and that was in muscle and bulk, not fat—he had a formidable personality, too. But then, he reminded himself, that was precisely why Cade needed him, Quentin Rayworth, to be his campaign manager. He needed, to coin an oft-used phrase, to win friends and influence people. And Quentin could help him do exactly that.

Pulling in a deep breath, he stood up and forced a smile past his nerves and onto his face. “Thank you, Mrs. Summers. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.” Then, hoping he sounded much more confident than he felt, added, “I won’t let you down.”

She nodded. “I know. And I’ve told you, it’s Mary. You make me feel about a hundred years old calling me Mrs. Summers. Now, go get him. Out the door, turn right, and Mr. Avery’s office is second on the left. You can’t go wrong—his name is on the door. Relax, and be yourself. And, most importantly, don’t let him walk all over you. I know he can be a bit intimidating, Quentin, but in this situation, you are the expert. So be confident in your abilities. If he’s difficult, just remind him you’re here to help him. To make sure he wins this campaign. And, if he gets to be too much, just come and tell me.” She tipped him a playful wink. “I’ll sort him out for you.”

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