Mid Week Tease: “I’m just nervous, I suppose.” #ComingInHot2 #CIH2 #CIHcollection

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m continuing to share from my story, A Werewolf State of Mind, features in the upcoming Coming in Hot 2: Rescue Me boxed set, which is available for pre-order now at just 99c. This is a brand new story, as are all the others in the set, so if you want to bag yourself a serious bargain, grab your copy now to lock in the amazing price.

Coming in Hot 2: Rescue MeRaising an eyebrow, Anneke replied, “I prefer not to use that term, but yes, I do see and hear about many different conditions and symptoms.”

Looking chagrined, he shook his head, then said, “Sorry. Didn’t mean to be so inappropriate. I’m just nervous, I suppose. Like I said when I called up to make the appointment, at times I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

“Okay…” She crossed her legs, mindful of pushing him too hard, while at the same time feeling a sense of frustration that she already knew what was wrong with him, but couldn’t say anything. Well, she could, she supposed, but if she came right out and said, “Caleb, I know precisely what is wrong with you—you’re a werewolf,” she’d be the one seeing a psychiatrist. No, she had to build a great deal more rapport—and most importantly, trust—with Caleb before she could even think of broaching the subject. She had to be confident she had a chance of getting him to believe her. Otherwise it was likely he’d walk out of her office and never come back, and she couldn’t allow that to happen. He was a potentially very dangerous creature, and he needed to know that before it was too late for some poor, unsuspecting soul. Or even multiple souls. Hopefully it wasn’t already too late. “Can you elaborate? It helps me to know what makes you think that you’re losing your mind, how long your symptoms have been occurring, how often, and so on. Basically, anything and everything you can tell me, no matter how small or insignificant you think it might be.”

Caleb nodded, took a swig of his water, then put his glass on the table. He immediately seemed to regret the action, though, as he clasped his empty hands together and began twisting them. Yeah, he’s nervous all right. Poor guy.

Finally, he cleared his throat. “I’ll do my best. It started around six months ago, I think. I went to bed as normal one night, around eleven, then woke up a few hours later absolutely soaked with sweat, my heart pounding so hard it almost hurt. For a second, I thought I was having a heart attack or something, but then it settled down. I didn’t know what had caused it—I hadn’t been drinking, and my room wasn’t particularly hot—so I got up, had a drink of water, used the bathroom, then went back to bed. A couple of hours later I woke up again, in the same sort of state, but that time I remembered—I’d been dreaming. Or perhaps having a nightmare would be a better way to describe it.

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