Mid Week Tease: Mary’s face shifted into a wide smile. #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m sharing another tease from my MM paranormal erotic romance story, Winning the Campaign Manager, which released on 3rd July. I hope you’ll check it out – politics has never been so sexy!

Winning the Campaign Manager“I know that, Cade, and the rest of the team knows that. Nobody is doubting your abilities, not one iota. But I’m afraid it’s a simple fact that unless you win people over, you haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance of winning this election. So all of this will have been for nothing. And I, for one, am not willing to allow that to happen. Therefore, I have appointed you a campaign manager. You are going to work with him, you are going to do what he tells you to do, and together, you are going to boost your public image. And you are not, I repeat not, going to frighten him off. You need him, Cade. Do you understand?”

Even if he hadn’t been able to see her chest heaving with the rapidity of her breaths, the flush on her cheeks, and the intensity in her eyes, Cade would have known just how strongly Mary felt about this. His superior shifter hearing easily picked up the sound of her fast respiration and elevated heart rate. He could also smell the tang of the light sweat she’d broken out in. She put up with a lot of his shit, and had done for many years now, but it was rare for her to put her foot down like this. She was, after all, his employee. He was the boss, not her.
So for her to talk to him like this, to lay it all out in such a blatant fashion, knowing that it could, in fact, inflame his infamous temper and cause him to fire her, meant that she believed in what she was saying, one hundred per cent. Two hundred per cent. She’d never take such a risk otherwise.

Nodding to show her he had listened to and understood what she’d said, Cade mulled over her words. As their meaning slowly sunk in, shock and realization filled him in equal parts. Was he really that bad? He knew he wasn’t exactly Mr. Popularity, but everything he did, he did to improve the lives of local people. Surely that counted for something? But no … according to Mary, it wasn’t enough. He needed to … Christ, what the hell did he need to do?

“All right.” He cleared his throat, then repeated, more loudly, “All right. I want, more than anything, to win this election, and I’ll do anything—legal—to ensure that. So if I need to work with this campaign manager to, I dunno, make me more likeable or whatever, then I will.”

Mary’s face shifted into a wide smile. “Good,” she said, taking a step back towards the door, “because he’s here.”

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