Mid Week Tease: …now she’d found Rafe, she wanted him. #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m sharing another excerpt from my M/F hot contemporary romance novella, Fast Lust, from the British Bad Boys Boxed Set. This follows on directly from last week’s tease. The set is now available exclusively in the Kindle Unlimited programme, so you can read it as part of that if you’re a subscriber. Alternatively you can 1-click from Amazon in the usual way.

British Bad Boys Boxed SetHe smirked, and the other two men with him—who were, by now, paying attention—sniggered.

Indignation rolling through her, Gloria pulled herself up to her full height—which was probably still a good foot shorter than his—and said, “No, I’m not looking for somewhere to powder my nose. I’m looking for you, Rafe Donovan.” She’d deliberately used his name to unsettle him, and it seemed to work.

The briefest flicker of uncertainty passed over his features, before being replaced with a smug look. “Have we met before? I doubt it, ‘cos I’m pretty sure I would remember you.” He raked his gaze up and down her body, lingering on her breasts, then grinned widely.

Goosebumps broke out all over her skin, but she stood firm, and kept her expression neutral. Stepping forward, she held out a hand over the bike, ignoring the other two men still tinkering with it. “My name’s Gloria Heath. I’m a reporter, and I’ve been given an assignment to write about this weekend’s British Superbikes tournament and the riders taking part in it, with special emphasis on individuals whose back stories might be of particular interest. Which is what has led me to you.”

Narrowing his eyes, Rafe grabbed a nearby rag and scrubbed at his right hand for a moment before reaching out and taking hers. As they shook, he said warily, “Nice to meet you, Gloria. So, what makes you think my back story might be of particular interest?”

As they’d been in physical contact, Gloria had again concentrated hard on keeping her expression neutral, while hormones zipped through her body at an alarming rate and made her heart race once again. Now they were no longer touching, she felt slightly more in control of herself—at the same time desperately wanting to wipe her palm on her trousers. Whether it was an attempt to erase the effect the contact had had, or remove oil and grime from her hand, she wasn’t sure.

She had to tread carefully here. She didn’t want to put the guy’s back up and have him refuse to talk to her. Granted, if he did, she still had two full days and what was left of today to find someone else to focus on for her article, but now she’d found Rafe, she wanted him. In more ways than one, if the reactions in her traitorous body were anything to go by.

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