Mid Week Tease: “That’s fine, dear boy.” #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m posting another snippet from my M/F novella, On Her High Horse, which is part of the Coming In Hot boxed set, releasing on 19th September. Pre-order now for just 99c/99p! This snippet follows on from last week’s.

Coming In HotStill, if she wanted a vet to see the animal, to pay their not-inconsiderable call out and treatment fees, then that was down to her. “I see. All right, no problem. Bear with me for just a moment, please, Ms Hanson-Bishop. I’m just going to pull up the diary on the computer and see when I can get to you.”


Pressing the ‘hold’ button on the phone, he placed the handset down on the desk before switching to the relevant programme on his computer and pulling up his schedule. Next up was his visit to Brian Thatcher’s place to see a cow that was having a difficult pregnancy. Then he had to get back to the surgery because another farmer was bringing in his three sheepdogs for their annual checkups and inoculations. That would easily take until close of play—if not a little longer—so Ms Hanson-Bishop and her horse would have to wait until the following day.

Preparing himself for some bitchiness, Brett took a deep breath before retrieving the handset and pressing the ‘hold’ button again. “Ms Hanson-Bishop?”


“I’m afraid my schedule for the rest of today is full, but I can squeeze you in first thing tomorrow morning. Would that be all right? I’m on my own, you see, so things are manic here, to say the least.”

“That’s fine, dear boy. I know Andrew has taken a well-deserved holiday. My mare is hardly going to keel over due to mild thrush. Tomorrow morning is absolutely fine. What time should I expect you?”

Shaking his head incredulously at the sudden change of attitude, Brett swallowed hard to try and combat his sudden dry mouth, and finally forced out, “8 a.m. If that’s not too early?”

Letting out an unladylike snort, she replied, “I’ll have been up three hours by then. Not too early at all. You’ve got the address and contact details in your system, I presume, so I’ll see you then. Toodle pip!”

She’d put the phone down before Brett got chance to reply. Immediately he logged into the client database, hoping like hell that her address was indeed stored, otherwise he’d be up shit creek without a paddle.

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