Mid Week Tease: “Yes, Andrew is a top notch vet.” #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m posting another snippet from my M/F novella, On Her High Horse, which is part of the Coming In Hot boxed set, releasing on 19th September. Pre-order now for just 99c/99p! This snippet follows on from last week’s.

Coming In Hot“I can assure you, Ms Hanson-Bishop, that I’m a highly-trained, fully-qualified veterinary surgeon, with a great deal of experience. I’m sure whatever it is, I’ll be able to deal with it.” The sugar he’d dripped into his voice made him want to vomit—and he might have even given himself diabetes. He’d chosen rural work, rather than something in a town or city, because he was down-to-earth. He preferred to deal with farmers simply looking to earn an honest wage or folks with crazy, scruffy dogs that went everywhere with them. Socialites with tiny dogs they kept in handbags, or pampered cats with dyed fur and painted claws weren’t really his thing.

Apparently, though, even the Yorkshire Dales had its fair share of prissy, precocious types who thought they were the centre of the universe.

The prissy, precocious person in question replied, “Hmm… well I suppose Andrew wouldn’t have you working with him if you weren’t competent. A wonderful man, Andrew. Wonderful vet, too. My horses just love him, even when he has to poke around with their unmentionables.”

Yanking the phone away from his face just in time to stop himself spluttering with laughter into the mouthpiece, Brett clapped his free hand over his mouth. Taking a moment to compose himself, he cleared his throat before replying, “Yes, Andrew is a top notch vet. I’m not surprised your horses like him. In his absence, however, I’d be more than happy to come out. Can you tell me what the problem is, please?”

“Of course. One of my mares has thrush.”

Brett frowned. From her tone and lack of urgency, he’d already guessed that the situation wasn’t dire—but thrush? Someone in her position should be able to deal with that type of minor issue with her eyes closed and her hands tied behind her back. Spotted and treated quickly, the condition wouldn’t affect the animal too much and would have no lasting effects. And Samantha had already diagnosed the problem, so she clearly knew what she was talking about—or had someone working for her that did.

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