Mid Week Tease: “You can be very dirty at times, Mia Harrington.” #reverseharem #whychoose

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m delighted to be sharing another snippet from Mia’s Choice, the third and final book in The Heiress’s Harem series, which is out now and available to read free in Kindle Unlimited. It’s also available in paperback and audiobook formats. Enjoy! I’ll be sharing something different from next week onwards, so if you need to know what happens next, you’ll have to check out the series 😉

Mia's ChoiceShe broke their kiss and had just opened her mouth to suggest they take things into the bedroom, when footsteps came again on the deck, and Arjun appeared around the corner of the bungalow. He was dressed similarly to Alex—only his swim shorts were white, the bright colour striking against his caramel skin.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, stopping in his tracks as he spotted them, “I didn’t mean to interrupt—only Elias has been in touch with a local who can rent us some jet skis and he wants to know how many we need.” He pushed his sunglasses up on top of his head and looked between Mia and Alex. “So, are you two up for it?”

Mia nodded. “Yes, I am. Sounds great. Alex?”

“Absolutely. Are you guys down on the beach?”

“Yes,” Arjun replied.

“Great. We’ll meet you there in a minute, all right?”

Arjun inclined his head, then slipped his sunglasses back into place and turned to leave. His footsteps gradually died away.

“What’s up?” Mia asked the moment Arjun was out of earshot. Alex had sounded incredibly enthusiastic about a jet ski ride, but hadn’t moved a muscle.

“Nothing. I just didn’t particularly want to jump up and show this,” he indicated the sizeable erection tenting his shorts, “off to Arjun. I didn’t think he’d appreciate it very much.”

Mia giggled, then clapped a hand over her mouth. “No, I suppose he wouldn’t. I would, though.” She winked and kissed him, then murmured, “To be continued, yes?”

“Yes. And sooner, rather than later, if that’s all right with you. Come on, then,” he got to his feet and helped her up, “better get to the beach before they send a search party for us. Hopefully my cock will have settled down by then.”

With a heavily-exaggerated sigh, she replied, “Four gorgeous men, and all I’m getting between my thighs this morning is a throbbing engine. If I weren’t so fond of jet skis, I’d say there was something seriously wrong here!”

Alex chuckled and slapped her bottom playfully. “You can be very dirty at times, Mia Harrington.”

She scooped up her sunglasses and put them on. “You love it.”

Grab your copy now: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/mias-choice/

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