Mid Week Tease: “You’re seriously leaving me hanging here.” #reverseharem #whychoose

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m delighted to be sharing another snippet from Mia’s Choice, the third and final book in The Heiress’s Harem series, which is out now and available to read free in Kindle Unlimited. It’s also now available in audiobook format. Enjoy!

Mia's ChoiceMia rolled her eyes, then gave him a gentle smile. “Alex,” she kissed his stubbled cheek—she didn’t think he’d shaved since the morning of the wedding, and she really liked his more casual appearance, “I’m not saying I want to sit around watching TV or reading all the time, but I understand that if you’re exhausted, you’re exhausted, and the last thing you want after a busy day is to go out again. That’s absolutely fine. What I do want is to figure out a way to spend more time with you. If that means chilling out indoors, that’s not a problem. I’d be perfectly content snuggled up on the sofa with you. I’d much rather do that than not see you at all. I thought we could see how things go. I’ll stay at my place in Holland Park more often, and we’ll play it by ear. If you’re free, you’re free, and if you’re not, you’re not. If that’s okay with you, that is? I don’t want to force my company on you.”

He chuckled. “Are you kidding? I really would love to spend more time with you—I just don’t want to bore you to tears, that’s all. If you can find a way to come to London more often that’s not too inconvenient for you, then I would be delighted. We’ll have to be careful if we go out in public—since as far as the outside world is concerned you’re Elias’s wife—but I’m sure we can find some fun stuff to do. Elias said something about you wanting to do more touristy things in London. I’m definitely up for that. Just to warn you, it probably won’t work out all the time in terms of my shifts at the hospital—but even snatched moments with you are better than nothing.” He paused, then shifted his gaze out to the horizon, as though thinking. After a moment, he bit his lip, then turned back to her. “I, uh, could give you a key to my place, if you like, so you can let yourself in.”

Mia’s heart skipped. She wasn’t sure why, but Alex’s offer came across as both incredibly important and a big commitment. And she couldn’t have been more delighted about it. She’d been looking for a way to deepen their bond, and this appeared to be it. It didn’t come close to the level of commitment she and Elias had signed up for, and there was no legal way of replicating that with him or any of the others anyway, but she was eager to cement her relationships with all her men so nobody felt more or less important than anyone else, or worried she might have favourites. Each of them brought something different to her life, and she couldn’t imagine a future without all of them in it. But at the moment, she had no idea how to get them onto an equal footing.


She pulled herself out of her thoughts to find Alex staring at her, his eyes wide with concern. “For God’s sake, sweetheart, would you say something? You look happy, but you haven’t answered me. You’re seriously leaving me hanging here.”

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