My Sexy Saturday #20 – #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is getting sexy on. Enjoy this snippet from Stately Pleasures, my M/F/M BBW BDSM erotic romance novel.

‘That’s fine,’ he replied. ‘Squash would be great, thanks.’

His voice sounded closer, and Alice turned to see him standing in the doorway. He was still wearing the clothes he’d worn for work, and he looked every inch the security guard. Big, fast, and mean. Except Alice knew he wasn’t really that mean, at all. Not to her, anyway. Teasing perhaps, but definitely not mean.

As though he’d read her mind, he smiled – which transformed his face and made him look very un-scary – and stepped into the kitchen. Crossing the floor in a couple of strides, he stood right in front of her, effectively trapping her between his bulk and the cupboards behind her. The heat she had imagined coming from his body when they were in the car was absolutely for real now. He inched forward until she felt a handle digging into her back.

She had to tilt her head back to look up at his handsome face. It now wore the intense expression he was so good at adopting. She actually gulped. She wanted to say something, ask what he was doing. But her mouth was dry, and she couldn’t seem to get her voice box to respond either. Besides, it was pretty obvious what he was doing, wasn’t it?
Seducing her. Perhaps he’d planned it all along, since before he’d offered to help her move her stuff from the flat to the Manor.

Before she could linger on the thought, Ethan did something that abruptly chased them out of her head.

He leant down and kissed her. She saw it coming, as he had to lean quite a way to bring his towering frame down to her level. He slanted his lips over hers and they’d barely touched when Alice’s hormones started racing around her body at a million miles an hour and a trickle of pussy juice soaked into the gusset of her knickers. The action suddenly made her very glad that she’d worn nice underwear that day, as it seemed Ethan would be seeing it – and soon.

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