My Sexy Saturday #42 – Another Sexy Moment #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is another sexy moment. In the run up to its release, I’m sharing snippets from my M/M novella, Desert Heat, which is part of the upcoming bundle, Unconditional Surrender. Release date is 14th October, and if you like a bargain, I’d recommend grabbing it now as the price will go up on the 21st October.

If Balkhi thought Wilkes was behaving strangely, he was too polite to mention it. “Good night,” he said. “Sleep well.”

“Yeah, you too.” He gave a tight smile. If only I fucking could.

Wilkes went to the shower block, via his room to collect his wash bag. He took his time, deliberately making the most of the facilities given they were the very lap of luxury compared to what they had at the FOB.

Stripping off, he headed into the shower area and pressed the button. Stepping under the head, he hummed contentedly as the water cascaded over him, washing the dirt and sweat away and pummeling his weary muscles. Closing his eyes, he tilted his head back, letting the spray hit the crown of his head, then roll down his neck, shoulders, back and buttocks, before gravity carried it to the tiled floor. It was weird for the place to be so quiet, he thought, but then the number of troops here was much less than on his last tour, and it was pretty late. Those who had a choice in the matter would probably be in bed by now.

Just then, a noise told him he’d spoken too soon. Someone had just joined him. Cracking an eye open to see who it was, Wilkes clamped his lips tightly shut around a squeak when he realized it was Balkhi. Seriously? He cursed any gods that might have been looking down on him. What have I done to upset you guys? What have I done that’s so bad that you’d torture me like this?

In an attempt to pull himself together, he nodded curtly at Balkhi before turning to grab his wash kit. He’d get his hair and body washed properly, then skedaddle. Being in close proximity to the other man was distracting at the best of times, but when they were both naked? Well, that was just asking for trouble. And Wilkes didn’t want trouble. He just wanted a quiet life.

Apparently, though, his cock had other ideas. Squirting some shampoo into his hands, he closed his eyes and began scrubbing the liquid onto his wet hair. As soon as he did so, an image he barely knew he’d seen flashed behind his eyelids. Balkhi, butt-naked and striding into the shower area. It was like something out of a cheesy porn film, and yet the image refused to disappear. He could only have seen it for a millisecond, before he’d turned away, and yet it was enough.

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