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My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is sexy down the avenue. I don’t have anything historical, though, so I’m sharing another sexy snippet from Multi-Orgasmic, which released last week. It’s FREE for Kindle Unlimited users, or you can buy it to keep forever. Enjoy!

Taking her actions as a resounding yes, he asked her a question. “So you want me to punish you then, do you, Rochelle?” As far as he was concerned, that was her last chance to back out. He was a nice guy, not a pushover.

She nodded emphatically, and he gave what he hoped was a cool smile.

“Very good. Well, you can start by sucking my cock.” Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a punishment—well, maybe for some women, but probably not this one—but he was in charge, and he wanted her to suck him off. He needed to come, and then he could concentrate better and turn his mind to some more traditional, and wicked, chastisements.

Rochelle dropped immediately to her knees in front of him and grasped his shaft between her slim fingers. It twitched, and she flashed a grin up at him before stroking him slowly a few times, then pulling his foreskin back gently until he was completely exposed. Then she bent her head and flicked her tongue around the sensitive underside of his glans, concentrating on the frenulum. He gasped and fisted his fingers into her wet hair. He wasn’t going to force himself into her mouth, but God, did he need something to hold on to. She’d barely touched him and already he felt himself rocketing towards climax. Well, it had been a while. Not to mention Rochelle was totally gorgeous, clearly good with her mouth, and the circumstances were very hot.

His groan filled the air and he rocked his hips gently, hinting that he wanted his cock to be inside her mouth. He wasn’t going to push it any further, not just yet. He didn’t know if she was submissive enough to simply take everything he gave, or whether she’d bite back—literally. Happily for Evan, Rochelle took it all in her stride, continuing to tease him for just a little longer before enveloping his shaft in the hot wetness. A strangled yelp escaped his lips as she sunk further onto him, until her nose was touching his pubic hair and he could feel her gag reflex squeezing around his glans. Wow, the girl really did know how to give good head.

It seemed she was enjoying it, too, as a glance downwards showed she had a hand between her spread thighs. The dressing gown prevented him from seeing exactly what she was doing, but his imagination more than filled in the gaps. Then a series of decidedly slick sounds confirmed his erotic imaginings to be true.

Unfortunately—or fortunately, dependent on which way you looked at it—Evan couldn’t take any more. The totally unexpected erotic situation he’d found himself in, plus the fact he’d been so busy at the conference all week that masturbation had been off the menu, meant that he was more than ready to come. So he did. He couldn’t help it; he tightened his grip on her damp locks and thrust deep into her throat a couple of times before letting out a howl that probably roused all the neighbourhood’s dogs, and emptying his balls inside her mouth. If he was in a relationship where he had some deep feelings for the woman, or he knew she wasn’t so keen on having spunk in her mouth, he’d have felt guilty about the amount he was unloading into her. But he didn’t have deep feelings, he had dominant feelings and so he held Rochelle’s head in place until he was done coming.

You can buy Multi-Orgasmic here.

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