A Perfect Fit

Ruby had always loved Adrian. She’d known all her life that she was going to marry him, it was just a matter of when.

As children, their parents had watched them fondly, knowing their offspring would always be the best of friends.

As teenagers, their parents worried about them less as they knew the pair would stick together no matter what. Boyfriends and girlfriends would come and go – but Ruby and Adrian’s friendship was as solid as ever.

As young adults, Ruby knew it was only a matter of time before Adrian declared his undying love and they’d live happily ever after and have lots of babies, then grow old together. Happily. Ruby was confident that Adrian could make her happy, she just had to be patient.

Three years at separate Universities changed nothing. Daily e-mails, weekly phone calls and monthly visits kept their bond as special as ever. Their parents began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, there was a reason they had remained so close from birth. Age and changes of lifestyle end many friendships – but not theirs. They were soulmates – together forever. Nothing would ever keep them apart.

Glittering academic results under their belts, the dynamic duo headed out into the big wide world. Ruby headed straight into her perfect career; publishing. Eventually she wanted to run her own company, be her own boss.

Adrian, however, arrived at a crossroads. He’d been for numerous interviews – and he’d been offered two jobs. Both there for the taking. The obvious choice would be to take the most highly paid role, but this would mean moving abroad. Away from his friends, family; Ruby. They’d never been more than a few counties apart – what would an entire continent do to them?

Adrian struggled with his dilemma alone; until Ruby discovered his scribbled notes and questioned him. Unable to keep anything from her, he told her everything. Ruby listened and told him he must go. He’d be better paid, and it was a fantastic opportunity which would give him excellent experience. She’d visit him anyway, it was no big deal. Ruby knew they’d get married eventually – there was plenty of time for that. Adrian truly held the key to her heart and she trusted him completely. He was her soulmate; her perfect fit.

Their grown up lives kept them busy. Ambition and hard work quickly earned Ruby promotions and an excellent reputation. She’d already discovered the next J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. Her acumen spoke volumes. The only way was up.

Adrian’s career was also going from strength to strength. There was just one thing missing. He missed Ruby terribly. There wasn’t a day that would go by when he didn’t think of her. They were still in contact, of course, but their hectic lifestyles had prevented them from meeting face-to-face in almost three years.

Ruby had already decided that soulmates could survive anything, and so their long separation didn’t concern her. She knew her patience would pay off. Adrian, however, had finally realised that Ruby wasn’t just his best friend, she was his soulmate. His perfect fit. They’d been meant for each other from day one. How had they been so blind? This revelation sent Adrian into tailspin. They’d wasted so much time. He had to see her, as soon as possible. His 30th birthday was approaching, so he used that as an excuse.

Adrian’s enlightenment came at the perfect time. Ruby’s dream of working for herself was on the brink of reality. The wheels were in motion, the deal was done – it was just a case of getting the paperwork sorted, and she’d finally be her own boss. So Adrian’s plea did not fall on deaf ears. Ruby sorted her affairs as far as possible, left her lawyers to it, and hopped on a plane.

As the engines roared into life and the airplane soared into the sky, Ruby’s heart soared even higher. This was it. Adrian had finally realised that they were meant to be together. Ruby imagined what it would be like when he took her into his arms and told her how he felt. It would be perfect, of course it would. Ruby and Adrian; a perfect fit, body and soul. The perfect couple would have perfect children and perfect lives. This was the start of something wonderful.

The flight seemed to pass in record time; Ruby was so excited. She hoped she’d be able to see Adrian as soon as she stepped into Arrivals – they’d been kept apart so long, she didn’t want to waste any more time. She wondered if he’d propose to her there and then, in the Arrivals lounge, in front of hundreds of applauding passengers and their loved ones. Reunited at last, never to be separated again.

She collected her bags in a haze, impatiently hopping from foot to foot until she glimpsed her bag on the conveyer belt. She snaked her way through the other passengers, deftly grabbed her luggage, and she was off. To her love.

Ruby couldn’t see Adrian. Her tiny 5” frame didn’t help, but she was sure he must be able to see her. Soon enough it wasn’t Adrian; but her own name which caught her eye, written in block capitals on a card. She made her way over to the man holding it, thinking perhaps poor Adrian had been caught up at work and had sent a car for her. Never mind, a little longer wouldn’t kill her. She’d waited this long.

She introduced herself to the stern-looking man holding the card inscribed with her name, and his face softened slightly. Perhaps he was a friend of Adrian, she thought. He took her case and led her outside to a waiting car, and held open the door for her. Ruby thought it was all very mysterious, but knew Adrian always had a good reason for not being where he said he would be, so she wasn’t angry. She could never be angry with him.

Once in the car, she asked where they were going. Were they going to Adrian? The stern man inclined his head slightly, “Not yet.”

Ruby fidgeted impatiently. If this guy was a friend of Adrian’s, he wasn’t very pleasant. He made no effort to explain or comfort her. Weaving through the traffic, minutes later they arrived at an official-looking building. Perhaps this is his office, she thought. Such a workaholic.

Presently the door opened and Ruby was ushered inside the building without so much as a chance to examine it. Into a room with two uniformed men sitting at a table. They stood as she entered, dismissed the stern looking man, and sat down. Ruby declined their offer of a drink, and enquired after Adrian. The officers exchanged a look. The kindly-looking older man looked at Ruby, took a deep breath and began to talk.

Two hours later and Ruby was safely installed in her hotel room. She didn’t know why she couldn’t have gone straight to Adrian’s. She’d have felt closer to him there, even if they weren’t going to be reunited straight away.

Never mind, this would do. Ruby unpacked her luggage, then showered and changed. She had to look and smell her best for Adrian. Not that he’d mind either way, but he was worth the effort.

Satisfied, Ruby smiled at herself in the mirror, imagining Adrian’s face when he saw her. She knew he’d be pleased to see her.

Ruby slid open the doors to the balcony of her sixth-floor room and stepped outside. She took in the view as she waited for the moment. The moment they’d be together as one. Nothing would keep them apart again. Nothing.

She sighed. The officers had broken it to her as gently as possible. It was quick, they said, he hadn’t suffered. The driver hadn’t seen him step out into the road. He was in custody, pending charges.

He’d looked so peaceful, almost as if he was sleeping. Beautiful. Her perfect fit.

Ruby swung one leg over the railings on the balcony, then the other. She sat there for a moment, smiling as she envisaged Adrian’s face when she arrived. He’d be so happy. Ruby wanted to make him happy. Forever. But not until she’d told him off for making her wait. She leaned forward, her hands still gripping the railings.

Ruby had never expected Adrian to play this hard to get. But she knew he’d be worth it. Her perfect fit. She let go.

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