The Handyman

Young Johnny was a simple lad and led a simple life working the land. One day he took himself off wandering in the woods, at a loss what to do; since his work was seasonal.

Presently he came across a cottage deep in the woods, which he’d never seen before. It looked a little run down and in need of some work. Maybe there was someone there that needed jobs doing, or errands running. Johnny perked up; a few extra coins in his pocket wouldn’t go amiss! He’d be able to help his mother out; pay off the grocer’s bill perhaps.

So he hurried to the door and was raising his hand to knock when he heard voices raised in argument. Curious, he bent to the keyhole and peered through. What he saw had him rubbing his eyes in disbelief! For there were three beautiful young women stood in the room before him. Each different; one blonde, one brunette and one red of hair. Johnny couldn’t believe his eyes. They were bewitching, fair of skin with voluptuous figures any man would kill to get his hands on! What luck, thought Johnny.

He continued to peer through the keyhole and strained to listen to what they were saying. Although their voices were raised, they babbled so quickly he could barely make out what they were saying. He caught the odd word and phrase – ‘fresh meat’ and ‘cauldron’ being two of them.

He knocked on the door, bringing the voices to an abrupt halt. A discussion in lowered voices began, no doubt questioning the identity of the caller. The door opened, the blonde clutching the handle, the other two girls close by her side. They all gazed upon him wonderingly, until the silence was broken by the brunette, who said,

“Can we help you?”

“No,” said Johnny, “I’m hoping I can help you. See, I’m looking for work and wondered if there was anything needed doing in or around your cottage. I can turn my hand to anything.”

“Really?” said the brunette, a smile on her face.

“Well, I’m sure we can find some use for you. Come in.”

She motioned him in.

“What’s your name?”

“My name’s Johnny. And you?”

“I’m Brooke,” continued the brunette, she waved a hand towards the blonde, “she’s Alisha, and that’s Chantelle.”

The other two smiled by way of greeting. Chantelle took his jacket, and Alisha busied herself in the kitchen making drinks.

Johnny began to make polite conversation with Brooke, asking her about herself and the girls he assumed were her sisters. He noticed that she was reluctant to answer his questions, preferring to turn the tables and enquire after him. Presently they were joined by the other girls carrying mugs of steaming cocoa. Johnny took his gratefully and sipped the scalding liquid.

He took the opportunity of silence to study his surroundings. The cottage was neat and tidy, but there were some things that needed to be done, like a crooked cupboard door on the far wall. He stood up and went to have a look. As he got closer, Brooke appeared in front of him and blocked his approach to the door. Puzzled, Johnny opened his mouth to speak, but was hushed.

“There’s some things a young man shouldn’t see,” she said mysteriously.

Confused but assuming she meant girly things, once more he shrugged it off.

Johnny settled back down in his chair and he and the girls carried on talking, discussing what needed doing. They soon lost track of time, and when Johnny glanced towards the window, night was approaching. He stood up and announced,

“Right, ladies, I’m going to take my leave, it’s starting to get dark.”

“You’ll do nothing of the sort!” replied Chantelle; “It’s not safe out there in them woods after dark.”

“I’m a big boy, I can look after myself!”

“Really?” grinned Brooke, “Nevertheless, I’d still prefer it if you stayed here the night, you can be on your way in the morning. It will put my mind at rest.”

“Ahhh, I don’t see why not. Much obliged to ya, but where will I sleep?”

“Two of us will have to share a bed. We’ll manage for one night.”

Brooke led him to the left hand door of three set side by side. She went in ahead of Johnny and lit the candle on the bedside table with the one she was carrying. As she bent to turn back the sheets; Johnny found himself studying her behind. He then shook himself; she could turn round and see him at any moment.

Brooke then wished him good night and with a wink, was gone. Johnny undressed and slipped into the bed, its cool sheets caressing his skin. He lay awake for a while, listening to the murmur of the girls’ voices; then eventually he dozed off.

Johnny awoke a few hours later, unsure what had roused him. He could hear a noise close by. He kept still with his eyes closed, listening. At first he imagined a fox scouting around outside for leftovers or something. But then the noise came again, and Johnny realised it was inside in the cottage. He feared an intruder; and his fear increased as the door handle creaked. He peered from under his eyelids; and was surprised to see not an intruder, but Alisha entering the room.

He wondered if she was sleepwalking or perhaps she’d been to the bathroom and come back into the wrong room; he didn’t know whose room he’d taken for the night, after all.

He didn’t have to wonder for long. Alisha came straight over to the bed; slipped out of her nightgown and into the bed with him! Johnny froze, what on earth was she doing? Then it became apparent as she started to whisper his name, clearly thinking he was still asleep.

“Johnny. Wake up.” Then her hands began to caress his body.

Johnny was astounded. She was trying to seduce him! Just as the idea began to grow on him; he heard another noise outside the door.

An annoyed looking Chantelle appeared; yelling,

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Johnny jumped out of the bed; his arousal apparent, and so was his embarrassment as Chantelle glanced down. His hands whipped over the offending area, his face burning.

“I wasn’t doing anything, she just came in!”

“I know,” Chantelle said, “it was her I was shouting at.”

Alisha lay in the bed; a saucy grin on her face.

“Get out you little tart, what are you playing at? Put some clothes on!”

Alisha reluctantly got out of the bed, Johnny politely averting his eyes as she put her nightgown back on and slunk out of the room; sulking. Chantelle stuck her head out of the door to make sure Alisha had gone, and a bang affirmed she gone back into the next room and shut the door.

“I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what’s got into her. She was in my room with me, and I woke up and realised she was gone.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Johnny replied, “It’s not your fault.”

They exchanged pleasantries and Chantelle left the room, closing the door softly behind her. Johnny settled back into bed, his head full of thoughts of Alisha and her odd behaviour.

The next morning, Johnny was awoken by a tap on the door and Brooke calling,

“Johnny, breakfast!”

He emerged a couple of minutes later, said good morning to the girls and went into the bathroom and washed up. Then he headed into the big room where the girls were eating already.

All three girls looked up as he sat at the table. Brooke immediately got up and fetched his breakfast from where she’d been keeping it warm on the stove. He thanked her and started to eat the bacon, eggs, sausage and other wonderful things on his plate. He hadn’t realised just how hungry he was.

After everyone had eaten and the table had been cleared, and everything washed up; they were all seated around the table once more. Brooke cleared her throat and said,

“We’ve been giving your offer some thought. We don’t have much money, just what we get from selling vegetables and herbs from the garden. So if you could just do some small jobs for us, we’d be grateful. But we can’t really afford to pay you for anything major.”

“That’s OK,” said Johnny, “I have no work at the moment, so anything I can earn is gratefully received. I don’t even mind taking payment in the form of vegetables. I’m sure my mother would be very grateful for them.”

So it was decided. Johnny would do some jobs around the house, in return for both money and food. He would, of course, be staying with them. It was too far to travel to and from the cottage every day. Johnny didn’t mind. With the exception of what had happened with Alisha, he enjoyed the girls’ company, and it was a nice change for him. He very rarely left his own village, so it was somewhat of an adventure for him.

He began working for the girls that very day. They left him alone most of the time, getting on with their own chores. It seemed they were pretty self sufficient; they had animals as well as their garden. So they had milk, eggs and vegetables in ready supply. Johnny didn’t think they killed any of the animals, so he did wonder where they got their meat from. Perhaps they bought it in.

As he worked his way steadily through the list he’d been given, he did wonder why the broken cupboard door wasn’t on the list. He recalled approaching the door and being ushered away. This time, though, there was nobody around so he went to investigate.

He came away more confused than ever. It was full of books and knick knacks. Johnny did, however, take one of the books so he had something to read before bed, he often did this if he couldn’t sleep.

He worked all day up until teatime, with only a brief break for some lunch. He went into the bathroom to wash up, only to find there was a bath drawn. He called out,

“Has somebody left this water in the bath? I was just going to wash up.”

Brooke popped her head around the door.

“The bath’s for you. You have time to soak before tea.”

Then she shut the door behind him before he had time to protest.

He undressed and slid into the bath, enjoying the feel of the warm water relaxing his muscles. He grabbed the soap and began to wash himself.

Once he was clean, he decided another five minutes wallowing wouldn’t hurt. Brooke hadn’t called him, so he thought he was OK for a while yet. So Johnny lay back once more and closed his eyes. Presently he fell asleep.

When Johnny awoke, he was confused. He couldn’t have been sleeping long, as the water was still warm in the bath. So what had interrupted his doze? He opened his eyes and in front of him, her arms elbow deep in the bath water was Brooke.

She was stroking him in his most private places; and as he felt his arousal grow, so did the smile on her face. Johnny was dumbfounded. First Alisha, now Brooke. There was something strange afoot. Maybe it was something in the water. Johnny couldn’t move as Brooke touched him, and if he admitted it to himself, he didn’t really want to. It felt good, after all.

Then suddenly, Chantelle came rushing into the room, the door slammed back against the wall, and she roughly yanked Brooke to her feet and shoved her out of the door.

“Get out, you horny little whore!”

Once more, Johnny was left to cover his modesty with his hands. He thought he saw a smile in Chantelle’s eyes, but he wasn’t sure.

“Johnny,” she said, “I don’t know what’s gotten into those two. I apologise.”

“I’ll be sleeping with one eye open tonight!”

He smiled, and Chantelle smiled back. He continued to look at her, and she eventually came to her senses and left the room.

Tea was eaten in silence. Johnny made his excuses shortly after and went into his room. He remembered the book he’d taken whilst he was investigating the mysterious cupboard, and he intended to read it. He fished it out from where he’d hidden it under his mattress.

A book on witchcraft. As he began to leaf through the pages, it slipped out of his hands onto the floor and fell open. He picked it up. The page it had fallen open on was covered in tiny little notes in pencil, so tiny he could hardly make them out. They appeared to be alterations to the text.

The alterations were to a section on witch rules, in particular those who had been banished from their homes. The only way they could ever return to the village was to seduce a virgin.

As Johnny studied the page, it gave more detail as to reasons why a witch would be banished, varying crimes such as casting illegal spells or using their magic for evil. It sounded like pretty heavy stuff. Now, as I mentioned before, Johnny was a simple lad, but even he’d worked out there was something a little odd about the sisters. They were all incredibly attractive, and two of them had tried to seduce him. He also knew from childhood fairy tales that witches often live in threes.

Johnny carried on reading, and came to a sentence which had his heart racing. If a virgin is successfully taken, he must then be killed and eaten the next day.

Now Johnny knew where the meat had come from at their meals!

No, no, he thought, I’m overreacting. If one of them had managed to seduce a virgin, then she’d be free to go back home.

No, no, said a little voice in his head. Look at the page again. The virgin must enter the home willingly.

Say he hadn’t? Say he’d been taken hostage by one or all of the witches, or they’d used a spell to lure him into their home. That would explain why all three sisters were still here and why they’d eaten meat. They’d realised their mistake and annotated the book he was reading accordingly.

Johnny began to feel rather afraid. Two of the sisters had managed to arouse him in his sleep; say he hadn’t awoken and they’d had their way with him whilst he was still asleep? That’d be the end of him.

A sudden idea came into his head. What makes them so sure I’m a virgin anyway? He thought indignantly.

There was a sudden noise outside the door. Johnny dropped the book, blew out the candle and hid under the blankets.

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