A Menu with a Difference

A Menu with a Difference


F/F/M Contemporary Ménage Erotica


Will a weekend in a luxury hotel make Annette’s deepest fantasies come true?

When Jed and Annette spend a weekend in a luxury hotel, they’re planning to take full advantage of the hot tub and large bed – preferably with a third party. Annette’s never been with another woman before, but she’s eager to experience some Sapphic delight. When the couple meets waitress Tamara at the restaurant they’re lunching at, they agree she’s perfect in many ways; but is she on the menu?

Word count: 4,176


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I kicked Jed discreetly under the table, warning him to cool it. He was flirting madly with the waitress who’d come to take our lunch order. Glancing up to see how she was handling it, I realized the young woman didn’t seem to mind at all. Of course, she could just be extremely friendly, but I doubted it. Jed was hardly being subtle. And he’s a gorgeous looking guy, too. Women rarely fail to notice him, and he knows it.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was pissed off with Jed for flirting, far from it. We’ve got an arrangement that says we can hook up with other people with no repercussions as long as we’re honest about it. In fact, divulging our dirty deeds to one another after the event usually ends up in totally hot sex. The lifestyle’s not for everyone—but it suits us just fine.

However, this time was different. Jed wasn’t just trying to get himself laid. He was trying to get this girl into bed with both of us. Despite the fact we’re an incredibly open minded and adventurous couple, I’d never actually been with a woman. We figured this was a great way to experiment. Jed and I had had a whispered discussion as soon as we saw her and decided that if, when it came down to it, I wasn’t into the girl-on-girl thing, then the two of us could just pleasure Jed. He certainly had no objections. What guy would?

I was taking a back seat during Jed’s “seduction” because we had no idea of the girl’s sexuality, and for that reason it made sense to assume she was straight. The plan was to see how she responded to Jed’s flirting first, and then have me join in. If the girl freaked out, well, we’d have our nice lunch and then we’d go back to the hotel and fuck. If not, then we’d go back to the hotel and fuck, but with a guest.

The way things were going, it looked as though it was about time for me to step in. As soon as the waitress was out of earshot, delivering our order to the kitchen, we began to formulate our plan. It wasn’t foolproof by any means. There were so many variants—things that could go wrong. But we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so we decided to just go for it.

Whilst we waited for our food, Jed started whispering sweet nothings—or rather dirty nothings—across the table.

“I can’t wait to see you lick another woman’s pussy, babe. It’s gonna be so hot! My cock’s already getting hard thinking about it. I want to fuck you hard from behind while you bury your tongue in her snatch.”

“Hey, cool it big boy. It might not even happen. She could be as straight as they come. Or she might not fancy you.”

“Fat chance! I mean, look at me! She certainly was.”

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“Lucy gave me something that was erotic, yet tasteful, and I loved it! She didn’t go over board when describing the scene. She left enough so that I had to use my own imagination, which in my opinion is sometimes better. So, as you can guess – I really enjoyed this and think you will too!” Madame D’s Boudoir


“Wow, Just wow! It may have only contained 13 pages but it is by far one of my favourite stories ever! It will definitely be on my menu now! A Menu with a Difference was my first lesbian and threesome read and I have to say Lucy has made me want to dive in for more with her well detailed and described characters and plot you won’t be able to help wanting more!” A Redheads Guilty Reads


“Felthouse delights my desires and satisfies my erotic craving in this short and extremely fast read. I’d love to see her elaborate and make this trio a yearly holiday event. The last two sentences “We’d definitely be returning to that restaurant. It had a menu with a difference, and our dessert had been quite delicious!” left me laughing and hungry for more.” 4 out of 5, Girls Only Reviews


“Jed and Annette have a very open relationship so when they are both attracted to the same woman they decide to go for it and invite her back to their hotel for a little fun. This story was a great quick read filled with lust from all three parties. Though its a short story I got a good sense of each of the characters in the short time I was reading them. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books with a little bit of discovery with their lust.” 4 out of 5, JBP Reviews


“This is a very hot short story, well told and dynamic. Ms. Lucy Felthouse is good writer, this is the first book I’ve read by her and I hope to read many more!” BookedUpReviews


“This story was a nice change to some erotic shorts that I’ve read as there was more focus on Jed and Annette figuring out if Tamera would be interested in their proposal than the actual sex. This is a hot erotic short with a big build up to a very naughty night.” 4 out of 5, Scorching Book Reviews


“Felthouse does a great job with the first-person narrator, Annette, giving her a strong, edgy, bad-girl voice to tell the tale. Bottom line, if you enjoy reading stories of seduction, first-time lesbian experiences, and fun, sexy MFF threesomes, check this story out for sure.” 4 out of 5, Scarlett Knight 


“It’s hard to grab the readers attention with such a short story, but Lucy has managed it with ease and kept me interested until the very end. From setting the scene to the graphic sex which follows, this is well written and entertaining ….it’s also the first book i’ve ever read with a lesbian scene, and I loved it!! Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something quick and exciting!!” Sassy’s Sex Toy Reviews


“This was a sexy short story that is great as a bedtime read to share with your significant other.” Heather’s Musings