Absolute Lesbian Sex

Absolute Lesbian Sex


F/F Erotica


This saucy collection from House of Erotica brings together six hot stories of girl-on-girl sensuality and lesbian passion by six of House of Erotica’s top-selling authors!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive anthology of naughty sapphic tales. The stories include Beach Photographer by Vanessa de Sade, Lustful Intervention by Nicole Gestalt, Something in Common by Lucy Felthouse, Honeymoon Island by Leigh Clark, Bottle It by Ian Kidd and The Orchard by Vina Green.

Word count: 23,741


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Justine was so engrossed in framing the perfect shot of the tallest part of the ruined abbey that she didn’t notice anyone else entering the grounds. In fact, her fellow history lover had opened the gate, walked through it, closed it and walked a couple of hundred metres across the grass towards her without her noticing. Justine only became aware she had company when a voice came from close behind her.

“Wow, that’s gonna be a great shot.”

Justine was glad she had her expensive camera on a strap around her neck otherwise she’d have dropped it. And given she was standing on a little bit of ruined wall, that would definitely not have gone down well. The thought of her precious camera being smashed to smithereens sent a shudder through her. She spun round to face the person who had startled her, ready to tell them off for creeping up on people.

But when she caught sight of the potential camera-wrecker, she totally changed her mind. The woman that stood before her was stunning. She was dressed in casual clothes; jeans with a rip in one knee, a baggy t-shirt with a tree on it and a pair of Converse. She was definitely a woman after Justine’s own heart. And many other things besides, Justine thought as she watched wisps of the other girl’s shiny red hair blow in the breeze. The girl’s startling blue-green eyes, rosebud mouth and cute button nose certainly didn’t do anything to harm her appeal.

Justine realised she was staring but still hadn’t said anything. She shook herself, then stammered, “Y—you made me jump.”

“Sorry. I thought you’d have heard me coming.”

“I didn’t.”

“Sorry. Again. Hope I didn’t ruin your shot. My name’s Amber, by the way.” She stuck her hand out, and Justine took it. They shook hands, then parted.

“So,” Amber said, looking around, “you here by yourself?”

Justine nodded. “Sure am. It’s impossible to get any of my friends to come to any of these places with me. They’re quite happy to go to the pub, the cinema, or shopping. But if I mention ruins, a stone circle or a stately home, they don’t want to know. You?”

“The same. Sometimes I wonder how I got to be friends with them in the first place! They don’t know what they’re missing.”

“I know, right? It’s not just the fact that these places are so beautiful and serene, it’s the history that goes with them.”

Justine realised that Amber was staring at her, wordlessly. “What?”

Amber blinked twice, then opened her mouth. She seemed to struggle with what she was going to say next, making Justine wonder what on earth was coming. “It’s just… you could have taken those words right out of my brain. I’ve never met anyone that feels the same way about these kinds of places as I do. It’s strange. But the good kind of strange.”

Justine had no idea how to respond to that comment, so she said nothing. She, too, had never met anyone that loved heritage the way she did, which was why none of her previous relationships had worked out. She felt it was necessary to have something in common with a partner, particularly the thing she felt most passionate about. But unfortunately, sooner or later her relationships had paid the price for her going off on adventures by herself. She’d been labelled boring, a geek, and even both on one occasion. It had hurt, at first, but then Justine realised that she wasn’t at fault—everyone has their interests, and why on earth should she change hers, stop doing what she loved, for the sake of someone who wasn’t willing to try something new or different?

Amber continued to look at her, as though expecting an answer.

“Oh, uh, me either. Hence I’m always visiting these places by myself. This is my second site today. I have one more planned before I head home.”

“And where’s that?”

“Where’s what? The next site, or home?”

Amber’s expression altered from curious to mischievous. Dimples appeared in her cheeks. “Well, I meant the next site, really. But if you want to tell me where you live, then that’s okay, too.”

Justine raised her eyebrows. Was Amber coming on to her, or something? Or was she just eager to make friends with someone that shared the same nerdy hobby? “Erm, well the next site is something a bit different.”

Amber’s face adopted an expectant expression. “Oh? Do tell.”

“The Chained Oak.”

The redhead’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding? I’ve always wanted to go there—but I’m not too sure exactly where it is.”

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