Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine


Valentine-Themed Erotic Romance


Contains my story, Butter Fingers.

Be My Valentine contains six fun and flirty erotic stories set around February the 14th. Whether you’re relaxing at home or celebrating with someone special this Valentine’s day, these kinky stories will certainly set the mood.


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Louise inhaled deeply as she stirred the butter cream mixture. The delicious smell invaded her nostrils and made her mouth water. She’d always loved cooking. Not just for the end result but for each and every stage; from measuring ingredients, stirring them, dipping her finger into the mixture every now and then to check flavors and textures, right through to watching others enjoy the fruits of her labour. You could definitely call Louise a foodie.

So engrossed was she in her task that she didn’t hear Simon come home. He parked the car, unlocked and opened the door, removed his shoes and crept right up behind her. She was none the wiser. Double checking that the utensil in his wife’s hand wasn’t a sharp one, Simon grabbed Louise about the waist and said,

“Honey, I’m home!”

Louise shrieked and jumped, then spun in Simon’s arms to scold him. As she brandished her wooden spoon at him, a blob of the mixture flew off it and landed on his cheek. She giggled, and Simon raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” Simon asked in a mock-stern manner. “You want a food fight, eh?”

Still laughing, Louise tiptoed to lick the mixture from her husband’s face, sensuously dragging her tongue across his stubble-dotted skin. She noticed his breath catch and, much lower down, something hard digging into her hip.

Pressing Louise against the work surface, Simon reached behind her and stuck his fingers into the bowl she’d been using, scooping up some of the mixture.

Before Louise could react Simon had slicked it onto her face, making sure some went on her lips. Bending, he started to remove the sweet mixture, using maddeningly slow strokes of his tongue, reminding them both of how he liked to tease her clit. He licked off every last drop, deliberately leaving her lips until last. By the time he got there, Louise’s mouth was open and ready, her breath quickening as her arousal increased.

Simon sucked the delightful concoction from his wife’s lips, pulling the plump flesh into his mouth and teasing it for much longer than was necessary. Soon, the two of them were kissing hungrily, their taste buds being tantalized both by one another, and by the sweetness of the mixture they’d both consumed.

Pulling away, Simon grinned wickedly at his wife as he stuck his fingers in her mouth. Eyes full of mischief, Louise began mimicking oral sex on his digits whilst devouring the remaining butter cream off of his skin. Watching his wife intently, Simon’s cock strained against the material of his underwear and suit trousers as he imagined her hot wet mouth doing the exact same thing to his prick.

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