Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures


An erotic anthology featuring mixed themes including exhibitionism, f/f, sex in public, voyeurism and consensual cuckoldry.

Desperate Measures by Lucy Felthouse

In the midst of the credit crunch, Poppy’s been made redundant from her high flying, well paid job. In order to make ends meet, she needs a decent wage coming in, but nobody’s taking on expensive employees. Poppy’s job search takes an unexpected turn when she has the idea of becoming a webcam girl. She can tease and taunt men on camera for money, effectively prostituting herself without anyone laying a finger on her. Except for herself, of course …

Fifty? For A Car Wash? By Zoe M Bates

When an emergency arises and she’s left in charge of the hand car wash, she doesn’t realise her first customer will be very cocky, very cute – and more than happy to pay for the extras that come with her very special valeting service. Bent over the bonnet from behind, she’s about to present him with a delicious lesson in customer satisfaction …

Reward by Nikki Sinclair

Abbie needs help in passing her bar exams, and when her handsome boss, Robbie, steps in to help her, she knows he needs to be rewarded. Initially shocked when her husband suggests she should pay Robbie back with some oral gratification, she soon warms to the idea, and the company picnic proves the ideal spot to give him an unforgettable thank-you present.

Kiss and Make-up by Jordan Alleyo

Ngaio is just her friendly neighbourhood make-up lady, until the morning she finds herself inadvertently flashing the saleswoman while she’s playing with the cosmetic samples. Ngaio’s clearly attracted to her, but she comes from a country where same-sex lovers are persecuted. How can she let Ngaio know that in her part of the world, love between women is a beautiful thing?

Neddy by Anya Wassenberg

She gets an email from Neddy inviting her for a long weekend in Las Vegas, and so she packs up and leaves her husband and her home for a ‘business trip’ that comes to life in the haunted Nevada desert. The life of an erotic model is both glamourous and disorienting – and full of unexpected moments of visceral sensuality. Find out what it’s like to sell your sexuality for a living by coming along for the ride.

Perks by Scarlett Hart

Lilly loves working for Adam and Heather, but when she explores a secret chamber and finds herself getting a close-up view of the couple as they have sex, she’s certain she’ll be discovered and lose her job. It doesn’t help that the sight of them gets her so turned on she has to reach for her favourite sex toy. Luckily for her, Adam is a very understanding boss who’s about to show her the real perks of the job …


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Recession. Credit crunch. Inflation. Poppy was fed up of hearing the words. She didn’t need to keep seeing the news reports to know the depressing truth. She – and many other people besides – was broke. Before the financial crisis hit, Poppy had been doing just fine. Really well, actually. She’d had a great job as a project manager with a firm that worked with chain supermarkets. Granted, it meant there were occasional late-night phone calls she’d had to deal with, but the money had been good enough that the interruptions were worth it. The nice house, car, and luxurious holidays had also kept her smiling through the busy periods when she was ready to rip some incompetent contractor’s head off.

Unfortunately, money problems had affected everyone and made them tighten their belts, including the supermarkets. As a result, Poppy was out of a job. Various schemes she’d paid into over the years ensured that she still had a roof over her head, thankfully, but the luxuries she’d previously enjoyed were no longer an option.

Naturally, she’d thrown herself into job hunting as soon as she’d found out she was being made redundant. But people with her skill set and experience were expensive and companies were getting rid of expensive and not-absolutely-necessary people, not taking them on.

The monthly repayments on her mortgage were high and while she was on jobseeker’s allowance they were being paid for her. Poppy was no snob, but she couldn’t afford to take just any job because as soon as she became employed again, the insurance company would stop paying her mortgage. Therefore, if her new job paid a lot less than her previous one, she’d end up even worse off than she was now. Poppy had a serious dilemma. If only she could find a way to earn some extra cash while she was looking for a job, then she wouldn’t have to dip into her hard-earned savings.

One evening, as she surfed job websites looking for possible roles, Poppy sat back in her chair and sighed with resignation. Her search was proving fruitless, and it was really beginning to get her down. But then, as her gaze landed on the gadget hooked on to the top of her computer monitor, her eyes narrowed and inspiration hit. She snapped back to the screen and began frantically Googling. A little while later, Poppy’s genius plan was in action.

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