Double Vision and Other Stories

Double Vision and Other Stories


Mixed-Theme Erotica


This steamy collection from House of Erotica brings together six naughty stories of unbridled passion by six of House of Erotica’s top-selling authors!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive anthology of sexy short tales. The stories include Double Vision by Lucy Felthouse, Cass by Carla Croft and Thou Shalt Not Covet by Roger Frank Selby.

Word count: 11,973


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Becky and Paul shared most things – as an open-minded married couple, this included sexual fantasies, many of which they acted out. A Lance Corporal in the British Army, Paul did wonders for Becky’s uniform fetish. However, as much as she loved and trusted Paul, Becky had never divulged her number one fantasy.

Tonight, however, Becky had decided to bite the figurative bullet. Paul would be home in about 20 minutes. She pulled the new negligee out of her top drawer and slid it over her shoulders, letting the fantasy unfold in her mind. She imagined Paul, with several other men dressed in uniform, surrounding her.

Becky pulled the matching skimpy panties up, wondering how damp they might become before he even came home. The squaddies in her fantasy moved in on her, quickly pulling her clothes from her. She imagined eager, masculine hands caressing her skin, her limbs, her breasts.

She walked around her marital bedroom, lighting candles, imagining the sordid positions her military gang of lovers would assume. They might force her to her knees, here, at the end of the bed, each taking pleasure in her mouth. They would bend her over the front of the low dresser here, taking turns entering her.

Becky sat on the end of the bed and pulled on her tallest heels, picturing her own body lying prone, her lovers touching, kissing, and fucking her. She indulged in her fantasy for only a moment more before she stood to look in the mirror and assess the finished product.

Becky’s fantasy was a minefield for so many reasons: it broke the couple’s rule about bringing other people into their sex life. Plus, she didn’t fancy any of Paul’s mates, and if the authorities found out, there could be an awful lot of trouble. So Becky had kept quiet, letting her fantasy scenario play out only in her head. But she had realized that just because she told Paul about it, didn’t mean that anything had to happen. After all, they hadn’t acted out all of the fantasies they’d previously divulged; they were happy to just talk about many of them. This could be one of those fantasies. She applied a sheer pink colour to her lips and blew herself a kiss in the mirror.

Becky heard the key turn in the door and ran down the stairs. Paul was grinning even before he came in, but his grin widened when he saw what she was wearing. He was clearly in for a good time this evening. She took his hand, wordlessly, and pulled him over the threshold and towards the stairs – barely giving him enough time to shut the front door.

Clomping up the stairs in his heavy boots, Paul thought, as he often did, how lucky he was to have Becky. Many of the guys he worked with complained that their sex life had dwindled the longer they’d been with their partner. Of course, Paul and Becky weren’t quite the rampant teenagers they’d been when they got together, but they still had sex several times a week. And it was rarely a single-position repetition of the last time they’d done it.

Paul knew that Becky loved him in uniform – she often accosted him on his return from work and dragged him straight to bed. Being a man, he certainly wasn’t complaining, After all, it was really no different from him getting off on her wearing sexy outfits – much like the one she had on now.

Becky let go of Paul’s hand and sauntered to the bed. She turned and sat, looking at him. As her gaze raked him from top to bottom, he felt his cock beginning to stir beneath his combats.

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