Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians

Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians


My story, Little Miss Goody Two Shoes, appears in this hot anthology.

Girl Fever is Short fiction at its best from rising erotica star Sacchi Green, whose Lesbian Cowboys took the top award at the 2009 Lambda Awards. This big book of lesbian quickies satisfies on every level with stories from top-notch contributors that evoke the heat, the urgency and the “gotta have it” moment of the quickie. There are long-time companions, one night stands, meet-cutes and meet only once stories to fuel your fantasies in this only book of lesbian quickies on the market today.

Sudden sex, when your need is too great wait. Sex in planes, trains and automobiles, and roller coasters, carnival rides, elevators, and ferries as well; and if a bed is handy, that’s fine too. Shanna Germain’s “Answering the Call” shows us games EMTs play in an ambulance, while Victoria Janssen’s “The Airplane Story” crams us into the metal-walled bondage of an airliner restroom. Sommer Marsden makes the very best use of “An Hour,” Allison Wonderland gets it “Off and On” in under ten minutes, and Tigress Healey offers “Six Minutes or It’s Free.” But there’s more to it than speed, and the sixty-nine pieces in Girl Fever by skilled writers Cheyenne Blue, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Delilah Devlin, D.L. King, and scores of others offer characters you’d love to fuck, evocative settings, and well-rounded stories that can intrigue and surprise you along the way to seduction.


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Little Miss Goody Two Shoes

“This garden sure is beautiful. I’d love to live here,” said my girlfriend Izzy as we walked hand in hand down the gravel path.

“What, out here?” I joked. “You might get a little chilly in the winter!”

“No, silly.” She nudged me. “I mean I’d love to live in the house, and have this as my back garden.”

Izzy turned to face the building we’d recently exited. I turned too. She was absolutely right, of course. An old manor house open to the public, Newberry House was all high ceilings, four-poster beds and creaking floorboards. A quaint old pile that many people would love to call home.

“It is lovely, sweetheart,” I said, tucking my arm into Izzy’s and steering her round so we could continue our exploration of the grounds. “If I won the lottery, I’d buy you whatever house you wanted.”

“Aww, we can but dream, eh?”

“Mmm.” I said, nodding and falling into step with her as we continued our stroll in a companionable silence for a while, enjoying the scenery. Every now and again we’d glance back toward the house to see it from different angles. Soon, though, we moved into a part of the grounds where that view was lost.

High hedges lined the path on one side, and a mixture of trees and undergrowth adorned the other. It was a beautiful day. I sighed contentedly, drawing a smile from Izzy and a squeeze of my hand. I squeezed back. Seconds later, I received an entirely spontaneous pressure on my fingers, and Izzy crowded in close to me, her eyes wide and hand covering her mouth.

“Whatever’s the matter?” I said, thinking at first she’d seen a spider or something. But she didn’t look scared, merely shocked.

She pointed straight ahead. Before us was an alcove set into the hedge. Within it stood a beautiful white statue on a plinth. Judging from Izzy’s reaction, though, the beauty of the piece wasn’t what had attracted her attention.

“What’s up, Izz?” I said, confused now.

“Look at it!” she breathed, her eyes still betraying her surprise. “She’s…she’s naked!”

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