Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs


Five erotic stories with a ‘Crimes of Passion’ theme.

Internal Affairs by Megan Hussey

Pamela is a police detective hot on the trail of Killian Kay, a gorgeous male escort. Yet as she closes in for the big sting, he also ‘closes in’ – treating her to a heated seduction that leaves her breathless. A renowned and skilful lover, he shows her exactly why women all over the city are paying for his attentions – and when she pulls out the handcuffs, he begs for hers in return. Their passions explode in the confines of an elegant hotel room on a dark and steamy night; leading Pamela to learn a whole new meaning for the term ‘internal affairs’.

Out of Body by Giselle Renarde

The moment Shirley the psychic detective gets her hands on a picture of the missing young man, she knows precisely where he is: strung up naked against the door of a dank motel room. The Master approaches, riding crop in hand … Was young Luca brought to the scene by force or was he a willing participant in his own disappearance?

What’s All This, Then? by Lucy Felthouse

Police officer Madison is experiencing the most boring shift of her life. So boring, in fact, that she thinks it’s never going to end. In an attempt to find something to keep her occupied, she heads out of town to a quiet area, popular with troublemakers. She’s hoping to bust some spotty teenagers for possession or indecent exposure. However, the wrongdoers she does come across are far from teenaged. And what they’re doing has an effect on her she’s definitely not expecting. One that could get her into a great deal of trouble.

Blackmailer Transformed by Serles

Lessie thinks she’s got away with her devious scheme to seduce and blackmail rich senator Owen, but she hasn’t reckoned with his father, Lester, getting personally involved in paying the money needed to keep Lessie quiet – or his ability to give her all the sexual satisfaction his son couldn’t…

The Puzzle of Natalie X by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

Who is the stunning Natalie X, and what does she have to do with the biggest vice ring in the North-west of England. On her trail among low-lifes and petty criminals, a world-weary detective finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail, intrigue and all-consuming lust.

These stories have also been published in Crimes of Passion ISBN 9781907761812


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Excerpt from What’s All This Then?

Madison was bored. She still had a couple of hours left of her shift and it was dragging. There was absolutely nothing going on; no break-ins, muggings, domestic violence or even anyone being drunk and disorderly. For a Saturday night, it was unheard of. She almost wished that someone would commit a crime, just so she had something to do.

She decided to drive out of town. There was a road on the outskirts that was quiet in the evening. Youngsters tended to congregate there, drinking, smoking weed and generally misbehaving. Perhaps she’d be able to bust a couple of kids for possession or something. She could but hope.

Madison drove the squad car through town and out towards her destination. Leaving the street lights of civilisation behind, she flicked on headlights’ main beam. As she travelled further down the road she expected to hear the revving of engines. Silly racer boys with their souped-up cars and equally silly girls hanging off their arms often hung around here. The only sound was that of Madison’s car engine and the tyres on the tarmac.

Frowning, Madison wondered if this shift was ever going to end. She planned to motor to the end of the road and head back to the station via another route. However, before she got much further, she saw a car parked in a lay by. She mentally rejoiced; this was bound to be someone up to no good. If it wasn’t smoking drugs or drinking, then at the very least it’d be a couple of spotty teenagers canoodling. If so, she could put a flea in their ear and send them packing.

Pulling in behind the car, she killed her lights. If they hadn’t noticed her already, they were clearly otherwise occupied. Madison didn’t want to alert them to her presence and give them chance to stop what they were doing.

Hopping out of the car she pulled on her hat and checked that everything she needed was attached to her belt. She doubted there’d be any trouble, but it was always better to be prepared. Silencing her radio, Madison approached the car; the last thing she needed was it suddenly crackling into life just as she was about to catch someone using illegal substances.

It was a clear night and the moon shone down brightly, illuminating the scene. Madison studied the car, surprised. It wasn’t your typical boy racer-mobile. In fact, it was a very expensive car. Perhaps the driver had borrowed daddy’s car. Either that or it was stolen. Bingo.

It wasn’t until Madison was level with the boot of the car that she realised there was quite a lot of movement coming from the car. In an up-and-down fashion. The penny dropped. It was looking more likely that Madison was going to be making mention of the words “indecent exposure” as opposed to “illegal substances.” Either way, the evening had suddenly become much more interesting.

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