Lipstick Lovers

Lipstick Lovers


F/F Erotica


My story, A Change of Heart appears in this lesbian anthology.

In this sizzling selection of twenty erotic lesbian stories, find out what happens when women act on their overwhelming lust for each other. Dominant mistresses and willing slaves, bi-curious best friends, strangers swept away by the thrill of passion and long-time lovers spicing up their sex lives share the pages of Lipstick Lovers. Explicit fantasy and naughty adventures make this the hottest lesbian collection from the best writers in the genre. Everyone has fun when girls come together.


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A Change of Heart

By Lucy Felthouse
Alexis had taken some serious persuading to go to the local aerobics class. Her friend Kelly had laid on the guilt trips and nagged her until eventually, Alexis had given in. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do any exercise – hell, she was desperate to lose a few pounds and tone up – it was just that she hated the idea of jumping around in a room full of skinny women in lycra. Alexis wasn’t comfortable in that kind of clothing due to her size and she knew that if she turned up in tracksuit bottoms and a loose fitting t-shirt, she’d stand out like a sore thumb. However, Kelly had worn her down and so she went, and that was the outfit she wore.

Sure enough, she was the only woman there who wasn’t wearing skin tight clothing. Even Kelly – fucking traitor – had totally dressed for the occasion in a sporty crop top and tiny shorts. But then she had the figure for it. Alexis looked around, shaking her head. It was odd, every woman in the room had a body to die for and yet they were all attending an aerobics class. Alexis was the only person, in her opinion, that needed to be there and yet she felt as awkward as fuck. Still, she’d promised Kelly that she’d give it a try and so she’d stick it out. For the first session, at least. She doubted she’d want to return for another one.

When the instructor walked into the mirrored room, Alexis rolled her eyes. The woman was flawless. She had the prerequisite athletic figure, wore all the right clothes and her bouncy countenance was topped off by an equally bouncy pony tail. She was enough to make the less-than-flawless Alexis feel sick. Or at the very least, completely inadequate. Kelly nudged Alexis as she muttered to herself about “fucking princesses.”

“Shut up,” said Kelly, “she’ll hear you.”

“Whatever. This better be good. If I don’t look like her by the end of the session, I’m outta here.”

Kelly shook her head and turned attentively to the front of the room as the instructor began to speak. She’d obviously noticed there were some new people in the group so she introduced herself – her name was Zoe – and encouraged everyone to exercise at their own pace. That was as far as Alexis got before tuning her out. They were just going to be jumping around a bit and waving their arms and legs to music – how fucking hard could it be?

By the end of the session, Alexis was panting like a dog and sweating like… something incredibly sweaty. Annoyingly, Kelly looked relatively fresh with just a healthy-looking glow and slightly heaving chest giving away her exercised state.

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